5 Breathtaking Bathroom Design


Bathroom Design – 5 Breathtaking IdeasOften overlooked, the bathroom is that special place that can turn a regular house into a dream home.  From luxurious and imposing to sophisticated and unique, have a look on some exquisite designs and find the inspiration you need to create the perfect environment!

Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub


breathtaking bathrooms design marble bathroom design 5 Breathtaking Bathroom Design 27 symphony bathtub black paramount surface HR

Perfect for the luxury lovers, especially because of the black and gold deco, every piece of this high-end bathroom shimmers and reflect a contemporany style.


Breathtaking Bathroom Design luxury bathroom bathroom design 5 Breathtaking Bathroom Design 9 diamond bathtub matheny suspension maison valentina HR

What material can be more luxurious than a Diamond? The breathtaking shapes of this bathtub mark a turning point on the world of interior design and perfectly match the Black Agatha surface.


Breathtaking Bathroom Design unique bathroom design 5 Breathtaking Bathroom Design koi mirror

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Breathtaking Bathroom Design dream home bathroom design 5 Breathtaking Bathroom Design 5 newton bathtubs palace display case maison valentina HR

Bathrooms can be as opulent as any other space of the house, specially if this Newton bathtub is part of it. A luxury statement piece, its distinctive and breathtaking design  match the most modern ambiances.


Breathtaking Bathroom Design marble bathroom design 5 Breathtaking Bathroom Design 1 koi bathtubs maison valentina HR

Symbol of love, the Koi carp inspired the unique scale pattern design of these pieces. Standing out for its golden look and contemporaneous design, the game of light and shadows makes this design unique.

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bathroom decoration bathroom design 5 Breathtaking Bathroom Design 60 inch clawfoot tub rv bathtub bathtub refinishing reviews white claw foot bath

Not all that glitters is gold, but this Lapiaz bathtub rich interiors certainly shine bright to create a unique atmosphere on your bathroom decoration.

Breathtaking Bathroom Design interior design bathroom design 5 Breathtaking Bathroom Design tortoise washbasin




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