Mar 19, 2015

Ever which is a brand of Thermomat, decided to reimagine everyday objects for the bathroom to make them more innovative and so that they meet the needs of the entire family. Looking at traditional objects, they transformed them into accessories with personality, while at the same time offering safety. Luxury Furnishings […]

Mar 18, 2015

While some of us may not think of the bathroom as an important part of a home’s overall design, when you have a luxurious, perfectly appointed bathroom, people are going to notice and you may not be able to get them to leave! Inspired by a wide range of luxury […]

Mar 16, 2015

The post of today its a little diferente, its about  the most beautiful sink faucet.  Categorize this design concept in the realm of “unnecessary, but we want it”. Royal College of Art student Simin Qiu’s Swirl concept was awarded a 2014 IF Concept Design Award for its innovative miniature turbine-powered, water flow […]

Feb 24, 2015

New and luxury bathrooms are coming. Make a splash at home with clean, contemporary designs for a brand new  stunning showering space. With the days starting to lengthen and a few warming rays of the sun coming through, now is the time to think about your  new luxurious bathroom. Showers […]

Feb 18, 2015

Every day you start your morning in your bathroom, you do your routine, take a bath , do your  hairstyles and  get pretty. So let’s talk about the perfect environment and especially bathroom’s light! In the case of your morning makeup routine, the most important beauty booster isn’t actually your makeup—it’s your […]

Jan 9, 2015

There’s nothing better as quite a good shower to relax and enjoy some time for you. Not everyone has the luxury of an enormous shower room like the one pictured here, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take inspiration from its bathroom design ideas. We are talking about the […]

Dec 30, 2014

Want to improve your bathroom and make it futuristic and modern? Take a look at this coll bathroom gadgets. While they give you more comfort and a calm ambiance, they help you to save the environment. How cool is that? #1 A Programmable Shower Personalize shower time with this tablet-like, […]

Dec 4, 2014

Mirrors are widely used in the decoration of a space. Venetian mirrors Vanities for bathroom are a necessary luxury in all homes. The majority of us might be tempted to consider the bathroom a space with less importance, but indeed isn’t. Our suggestions of chic bathrooms with venetian mirrors shows […]


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