Oct 4, 2021

Artprojekt Interior Design was founded in 2010. This Berlin-based company has been able to partake in different interior design projects worldwide. See also: Maison Valentina’s Best Sellers: Incredible Bathroom Ideas Artprojekt Interior Design- Minimalistic Bathroom Ideas Artprojekt founder, Pia Hölzel studied architecture in Munich. Hölzel and her team have been […]

Sep 21, 2021

Founded in 2006 by Adam Meshberg, the Brooklyn-based practice places a focus on integrating timeless architectural elements of the past with contemporary materials and methods of the present. Incorporating principles of sustainability, branding, and modern technology is central to Meshberg Group‘s practice. Careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves […]

Jul 11, 2021

Rigby and Rigby is a multi-award-winning, leading design studio of ultra-prime property in some of the world’s most exclusive destinations. This practice is a multi-award-winning architecture, interior design and delivery studio based in London with a holistic approach to design. Find out more about Rigby and Rigby’s projects below! See […]

Jul 8, 2021

Pembrooke and Ives is a New York-based interior design studio producing visionary concepts and executing them with an attention to detail and a level of comfort, character, and style that exceeds expectations. Pembrooke and Ives believes that design can make people feel and behave differently; the true measure of a […]

Jul 7, 2021

Nate creates approachable spaces that tell the story of you and your home. We present here 10 Contemporary Bathroom Interior Projects from Nate Fischer. He puts all his background into unique projects, where there are no two projects with the same details. Scroll down to see more projects.. See also: […]

Jul 6, 2021

Luxury Bathroom Design is to die for. We’re passionate about Juliette’s Byrne classic style!Founded in 1988, Juliette’s Chelsea-based Interior Design Studio has established a reputation for creating elegant and sophisticated interiors which blend the classic with the contemporary.  SEE ALSO: Bathroom Trends from London Interior Designers Luxury Bathroom Design by […]

Jul 5, 2021

CHZON Exceptional Bathroom Design in Hospitality Projects See Also: Versatile Master Bathrooms Projects by Axel Schoenert Architects  CHZON Dorothee Meilichzon has founded CHZON, a Global Design Agency Specialized In Hospitality Design. Their work is spraid over 50 Projects In Paris, London, Ibiza, Menorca, Venezia, Basel, Monaco & New York. From […]

Jun 28, 2021

Carlo Donati is one of the hottest designers of the moment, with amazing designs that feel incredibly original, unique, and fantastically intense! Donati’s inspirations range from amazing architectural landmarks to Italian design references of post-war modernism, as well as abstract scenography and the world of cinema. Combining these amazing elements creates incredibly […]


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