Very Peri: The Pantone Colour For The New Year

Very Peri: The Pantone Colour For The New Year

14 December, 2021

Aug 20, 2015

CRG Architects has unveiled a proposal to replace slum housing with a pair of skyscrapers comprising stacks of brightly coloured shipping containers. CRG Architects, which has offices in China and Nigeria, came up with the concept for Container Skyscraper to provide temporary accommodation to replace slum housing in developing countries. […]

Designed by the owner of the property Jesse Bennett, ‘planchonella house’ in north Queensland, Australia subtly emerges from its lush and tropical setting. Intrinsically connected to its leafy surroundings, the organic design features a curvilinear, flat concrete roof and base with minimalistic columns which support the glass-fronted façade. Using simple […]

Jul 16, 2015

Japan is known for their different and amazing architecture. Takanobu Kishimoto, architect at the Container Design company wants to move ahead and conceived this spetacular family’s house built from an old carriage in the coastal city of Takasago. This singular house was named of Platform. The designer intention was to remove the old train carriage […]

Jul 10, 2015

There is nothing like having a modern home decor with an amazing view for the Ocean. Indoor-outdoor living goes nautical at these modern homes directly on the water. We take on a tour of this amazing houses around the world.   The residents of this tiny floating home in Copenhagen begin […]

Jun 29, 2015

Vasily Klyukin has envisioned a new landmark for Manhattan, a building whose bold and unconventional design would be sure to stand out amongst the rest. Take a look at this best design project that is redefining the NYC Skyline.   ‘Top sexy tower’ is modeled after the long legs of […]


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