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As Fall approaches, new trends will emerge, and some will persist throughout the year. The comfort of home becomes even more important as the days shorten and summer nights turn into cool autumn nights. Maison Valentina has compiled a list of Fall trends based on the brand’s designs to transform the bathroom into a personal, comfortable, and luxurious oasis, giving this area of the home the attention it deserves.

Diamond Vanity Cabinet fall Fall Trends for your Bathroom small luxury bathroom with diamond freestanding and blaze mirror

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Get inspired by these looks

Earth Tones

Wood finishes are a must-have in any bathroom, a Fall trend that is not surprising given how popular the wood and white look has been in homes in recent years. Earthy tones have been popular for a long time and are here to stay. Maison Valentina designed the NAZCA Vanity Cabinet with its matte walnut root veneer structure, vintage brass matte base, and marble sink to add elegance and exquisiteness to any bathroom.

Nazca Vanity Cabinet fall Fall Trends for your Bathroom magnificent bathroom design in brown tones

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Curved Lines

The curve line is making a big comeback in interior design trends. Soft lines that feel like a warm, comfortable, and cozy space after a long day are popular. The curve can be found in architecture like doorways, windows, cabinet designs, and bathtubs, as well as patterns like fabrics and tile designs. The Symphony bathtub is an example of a curved piece inspired by music that adds a touch of luxury and comfort to any bathroom design. The gold-plated brass tubes add glamour, elevating this bathtub to a higher level of interior design and is a stunning acquisition for this year’s trends.

Symphony Bathtub fall Fall Trends for your Bathroom cross grey surface and symphony bathtub  a sleek combo for any bathroom 1



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Black and Metal Combo

One of the trends that will give your bathroom a new look is bathroom designs that combine black and metal. The use of black and metal creates an elegant and clean atmosphere, which is essential in the design of any luxury bathroom. This combination can produce such amazing results that a simple bathroom design can be transformed into a luxurious and elegant space, creating the ideal refuge.

This private sanctuary provides a soothing ambiance combining black and golden touches, thanks to the exquisite leather Darian Bathtub and the strong statement of the Shinto Vanity Cabinet.

Fall Trends - Shinto Vanity Cabinet and Darian Bathtub fall Fall Trends for your Bathroom splendid neutral toned luxury bathroom

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