A new way to design modern bathrooms with Workshop/APD

A New Way To Design Modern Bathrooms With Workshop/APD

21 October, 2021


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Located in New York, Workshop/APD team bring their talent to the decoration of such beautiful modern bathrooms. The experienced group demonstrate once again their talent for interior design by creating very different and innovative bathroom projects, suited just perfectly to different tastes and visions their clients might have. The Workshop/APD aesthetic is […]

Top-selling designs from unique shapes to imaginative and luxurious ideas for bathrooms, these items have it all! Maison Valentina has a large collection of incredible products to admire, and, in an effort to inspire your newest bathroom design, we have gathered some best-sellers. Let’s take a deep dive!     MAISON VALENTINA […]

Bathroom Mirrors are always changing and evolving, turning themselves into new ways of expressing art and feelings, of generating comfort areas that can truly be engaging and surprisingly unique. In this list, we have gathered some of the most incredible bathroom mirrors that Maison Valentina has to offer. Do you want […]

Guest Bathrooms have the same importance as the entire house because every time we receive people at home we like to make them feel welcomed. At Maison Valentina, we take seriously the idea of “make yourself feel at home” with the most trendy bathroom designs! It might be difficult to […]



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