“Luxury Bathroom Interiors,” a new interior design book by Maison Valentina, is here to help people in designing the bathroom of their dreams!  The Luxury Bathroom Interiors Book will alter people’s perceptions about bathroom design and the space itself. This is the ideal tool for staying up to speed on […]

Perezochando is a Valencia-based design agency who specialize in product design and art direction. The ‘Ara’ armchair designed by the Studio, has been crafted to suit the modern day workplace, through its all-encompassing form, that shields the individual from a hectic day at the office. Perezochando developed the chair for […]

The Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola has recently launched a new collection of contemporary rugs under the name “Visioni” for the Italian handmade rugs brand CC-Tapis. This project has envisioned two sides: Visioni A and Visioni B, an unprecedented fusion between an age-old technique and contemporary graphics. ‘In any industry, people that work in a […]


Maison Valentina is all about luxury bathroom company with
a unique design for a luxurious bathroom interior.