Batroom Projects from Dublin

Bathroom Projects from Dublin Interior Designers: Irish Luxury

March 28, 2021

Bathroom Projects from Dublin are a beautiful breath of fresh air, bringing together the latest trends and a sea-inspired style while maintaining its strong and unique Irish lines. Take a look below and find out our selection of some of the best Bathroom Projects from Dublin Interior Designers.

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1.Black Fox Interiors – Unknown

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Black Fox Interiors is a creative interior design studio. This practice transforms any space into a unique home or business. BFI created this beautiful bathroom, that uses wood in a way that brings warmth to this space. With unique shapes, this bathroom gives us an amazing cozy vibe!

2.Divine Design – Sandymouth

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Devine Design designed a bathroom that discreetly brings nature into this space, with earthy tones and materials like wood and stone. The beautiful stone vessel sink is truly the icing on this calming cake!

3.Divine Design – Medley

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

The designs of Medley Restaurant were a collaboration between John Sweeney of Sweeney Design and Gwen Kenny of Divine Design. They aimed to create a contrast between the refined cuisine and the industrial nature of the building while also identifying and resolving the issues of speed of service and customer comfort. The bathroom is an extension of this restaurant’s design.

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4.Elizabeth Kirby Designers – Dartry

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

The renovation of this spacious Edwardian house required the replanning of the ground floor and an extension to the rear as well as extensive work to the landing level of the house. The design of the bathroom, as well as the rest of the home, is calm and modern.

5.Helen Turkington – London

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Helen Turkington offers a bespoke design service, from ongoing consultancy to one-off projects and product sourcing.  Together with her team, Helen created this beautiful bathroom that mainly plays on shapes and details while keeping it simple and neutral when it comes to colors. This all-beige bathroom is proof of the designer’s exceptional skills!

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6.Jane Higgins Design – Dartry

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Jane Higgins Design was appointed to redesign the interior of a new home which was presented in a traditional style. They focused on stripping out the overly decorative elements to give it a more elegant and contemporary look. This way, they were able to create a warm bathroom with built-in bespoke furniture, lighting, and a warm color scheme.



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7.John Duffy Design Group – Trinity Townhouse Hotel

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

This hospitality project designed by JDDG is an exceptionally achieved bathroom in a neutral color that maintains a bold touch with features like the mirror, without it ever being too much. We are absolutely adoring it!

8.John Duffy Design Group – Belfast Penthouse

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Inspired by craftsmanship and with the use of high-quality materials, JDDG achieved a bold bathroom design with strong marble features, once again proving how talented their team really is.

9.Julianne Kelly Interiors – Belleview

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Julianne Kelly Interiors is one of the names on this list that has been turning heads when it comes to interior design in Dublin. This simple yet elegant bathroom shows how she capably creates spaces that can be both bold and trendy.

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10.Kingston Lafferty Interior Designers – Ravensdale Residence

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

For this project, Kingston Lafferty Interior Designers took inspiration from nature, incorporating a natural and hard-wearing palette of materials including oak, walnut, marble, glass, and concrete. Durability was a key consideration with seamlessness and minimalism. In the bathroom, the practice added depth and interest by layering natural travertine with rich vertical tiling to emphasize the curved wall. The final result came out so unique and breathtaking, we can’t stop looking at it!

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11.Maria Fenlon – Coastal Home, South Dublin

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Maria Fenlon’s aim for this interior design project was to create a light-filled, elegant, comfortable, timeless space that would work well and be aesthetically beautiful, without being overly precious or formal. This transpired to the bathroom, which successfully achieved the designer’s goals.

12.Minima Home – Private Mews

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

How gorgeous is this neutral-toned bathroom, with an accent suspension cabinet made from wood? Minima Home designed a simple yet elegant bathroom with a timeless look.



13.Neptune by Global Village – Foxrock Chichester

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Dark bathrooms are all the rage right now and this one keeps the Irish style while showcasing a modern design. In earthy tones, this bathroom has a warm and cozy look, wouldn’t you agree?

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu

14.Optimise Design – Redbrick Revival

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

This almost all-white bathroom by Optimise Design keeps it simple in a minimalistic style with a modern touch. Every little detail brings us a breath of fresh air and tranquility.

15.Optimise Design – 1950’s transformation

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Also by Optimise Design, this amazing design combines different styles in a simple way. The wood panel not only gives it a calming and cozy feel but also helps maintain a clean look.

16.Sara Cosgrove – Private Residence

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

Sara Cosgrove never ceases to surprise us with her talent. This dressing corner in a master bathroom is a perfect balance of bold and simple. The blush neutral color combined with the fierce textures of the stool makes for a bathroom design that is on point.

17.Sara Cosgrove – Palace Deluxe

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

This hospitality project shows us how skilled Sara Cosgrove is when it comes to the use of textures in her designs. Without any bold color, this bathroom is anything but boring with the dynamic created by the trendy tiles on the walls.

18.Style My Room – 5 Bedroom Home

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

This bathroom, by Style my Room, is a simple and beautiful design that showcases the strength of marble in a unique all-white bathroom.

19.Suzie McAdam – Palmerston Park Residence

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

This bathroom by Suzie McAdama just exudes luxury, and we’re adoring it! It isn’t just a simple bathroom, as its details and features accentuate its beauty. The lamps and the golden touches give it the ultimate bold look.

20.Ventura Design – Howth Private Project

Bathroom Projects from Dublin

With this bathroom, Ventura Design shows us how white, black and gold are the only colors we need to design a bold and luxurious bathroom design. The white softens the look, while the black gives it boldness and the golden details elevate this splendid design to a luxury refined bathroom.


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