Beautiful Surfaces for your Master Bathroom capa

Beautiful Surfaces for your Master Bathroom

November 30, 2016

Choosing the perfect surface for one’s Master bathroom can be a bit of a challenge, thanks to the amount of gorgeous surfaces you can find. But because bathroom surfaces typically don’t face the same abuse as those in the kitchen, the decisions most people deal with are usually more about style than how it can survive a harsh environment. Fortunately, the top bathroom surfaces on the market combine beauty and brawn in equal measure.

In the end, the sorroundings of your luxury bathtub or shower will influence your mood during your bath time. These days, people go with abstract lanscapes, as they go with pictures on the walls. Motive and colors are everything when dealing with bathroom wall decoration.

Beautiful Surfaces for your Master Bathroom 1

This example shows just how much of a change these beautiful surfaces can have on a bathroom. The colors which go side by side with the rest of the bathroom, and the style of the painting that suggests liquid movement, are a perfect fit in here.

Beautiful Surfaces for your Master Bathroom 2

Maison Valentina’s surfaces are beautiful, and a perfect fit for every luxurious bathroom. This surface in specific is the cherry on top of the cake, when it’s placed next to golden pieces, like this Koi Bathtub.

Beautiful Surfaces for your Master Bathroom 3

Another example of a Maison Valentina’s surface, this time more of a neutral style, that fits with almost any item. The Diamond bathtub and the Matheny Chandelier are both bold items, and even so the surface makes the space look splendid with them.

Beautiful Surfaces for your Master Bathroom 4

This beautiful bathroom design is accomplished with the help of Alex Turco’s surface, which is skillfully worked with vivid blues and an ocean-like spirit.

Beautiful Surfaces for your Master Bathroom 5

Another one of Alex Turco. This time based of a picture. A beautiful surface, an astonishing work of art.

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