5 White Bathrooms That Are Not Completely White

April 20, 2017

There is no such thing as a truly white bathroom and we selected 5 white bathrooms that are not completely white.

An all-white color palette makes any bathroom a peaceful retreat and usually, there is some type of contrasting element, a black accent like a bench or a stool. Besides this, you will the different accents, while still maintaining that classic white bathroom feel.


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Cream and Ivory

5 white bathrooms

In this picture, you can see a decidedly creamy, off-white–ivory, to be exact–that still falls in the range of whites. This is a good compromise for anyone who wants white but also wants some warmth. The grayish-blue walls provide a much-needed contrast to what would otherwise be a bland room.


Contemporary Look

5 white bathrooms

A crisp, modern white bathroom idea that leverages the clean horizontals and verticals.  You can use accessories that will stand out like the light-yellow towels. This will take on new meaning when presented against the white room color.

Nature Vibes

5 white bathrooms

Another white bathroom-that-isn’t. If stark white scares you off, try a wood washbasin. It takes the edge off of all of that empty space.


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Art Deco Touches

5 white bathrooms

This white bathroom employs a lot of art deco accents.

Partially White

5 white bathrooms

In this super styled bathroom, white is used only on the lower half of the walls.

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