Stunning Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Tiles

July 16, 2015

With a variety of ceramic bathroom tile patterns, you can create absolutely any bathroom tiles design: classical, majestic, gentle, futuristic. Interesting solutions are obtained by various combinations of colors and tiles. To simplify your task, you can choose from a ceramic collection. Inspired by the bathroom tiles design 2015 and the coolest bathroom shower tile patterns ideas and color combinations, Maison Valentina Blog wants to share our gallery including some of the most stunning luxury bathroom ideas with tiles. Check out!


Stunning Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Tiles

As a rule, choose the bathroom floor tiles design with a tone lighter or darker than the walls.

Geometric tile patterns begin to displace beautiful flowers and leaves. The modern trend dictates that it’s unnecessary to use any tile pattern in the bathroom or to use the minimal inclusion.

Stylish tile patterns for bathroom

Stunning Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Tiles

Geometric bathroom tile patterns are fully in trend – they bring structure into the room and make the room appear larger. These tile patterns look amazing when dark and bright tiles are combined – for example, light gray and dark blue, bronze and red, beige and brown or green and yellow.

Stunning Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Tiles

The experts suggest going for large floral motifs to focus and to put an accent on the wall behind the luxury bathtubs, behind the sink or opposite the window.

Bathroom tiles design colors and pattern

Stunning Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Tiles

The classic version. Use for finishing bathroom turquoise, and blue tile patterns with different shades for any size. The main color looks great in combination with a lighter or just white. So you can create interesting line and give the bathroom tiles design originality.

Stunning Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Tiles

Natural tile patterns. green is a popular color for a bathroom tiles design. Natural colors harmoniously fit into the design of any room. In the bathroom is better to choose light colors for the tile pattern that give freshness: pistachio and lime walls, malachite and emerald floor. The light green color looks cool in combination  with a delicate blue, pale yellow or orange and bright green can be combined with gray. With such combinations of bathroom tile patterns, you can get a soothing interior, cheerful and juicy.

Stunning Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Tiles

Custom red tile patterns. It would seem that the red color is too aggressive for the interior, but nevertheless, it became widely used in the design. In a small bathroom shower tile designs, of course, the right to use the red only locally.The best combination to become white scarlet, crimson and ruby look good with gray and silver.

Stunning Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Tiles


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