Bathrooms in Melbourne

20 Designer Bathrooms in Melbourne That Will Dazzle You

March 17, 2021

Bathrooms in Melbourne are all the inspiration we need!

A modern and active city, Melbourne has become one of Australia’s most creative hotspots, with a clean and minimal style and bold details. This is something we can observe through their designs. These Designer Bathrooms in Melbourne are so beautiful that after seeing these projects, you are going to want to renovate yours! And we’re here to help you get inspired.

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1. 17 Spring Street by Bates Smart

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Spring Street is one of Melbourne’s most notable streets and home to some of the city’s most significant government and heritage buildings as well as a newer generation of sculptural towers. Bates Smart created this beautiful project, with a bathroom carefully planned that includes a breathtaking view, possibly one of the best views of the Bathrooms in Melbourne.

2. Alphington Riverside House by Camilla Moulders Design

Bathrooms in Melbourne

If you’re looking for unique Bathrooms in Melbourne, Camilla Moulders and her team have designed the dazzling Alphington Riverside House, which includes this blue bathroom, definitely a bold and well-thought choice!

3. Blairgowrie by The Stylesmiths

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, the Blairgowrie beach house embodies the soul of the rugged coastline. This unique and contemporary home blends a rustic ocean feeling with a symphony of blonde Australian hardwoods, that together pivot against a calming and Scandinavian designed interior creating a truly relaxed coastal living. This is clear in the project’s bathroom, which uses wood to give it a warm and natural feel.

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4. Bond by Hachem

Bathrooms in Melbourne

When Melbourne’s Bond bar was repurchased, its new owners made the unconventional move of re-engaging the venue’s original designer to overhaul his own acclaimed concept. The bathroom is an extension of the bar’s signature curves and classic glamour, with unparalleled uniqueness. This project features one of the most unique Bathrooms in Melbourne.

5. Brighton Residence by Design by GOLDEN

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Brighton Residence is a landmark home befitting its Melbourne bayside location. Evoking both transcendent experience and familial comfort, the residence is an ideal backdrop for a family who loves to entertain. Its bathroom beauty in definitely enhanced by the unique bathtub choice, another example of how out-of-the-box Bathrooms in Melbourne are.

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6. Caulfield North by Flack Studio

Bathrooms in Melbourne

By reconfiguring the floorplan of this house to privilege a new entry foyer, doubling the kitchen and creating a parents’ wing, the interior regains a sense of integrity. The layout of its bathroom is sophisticated in gesture yet supple enough to respond to contemporary living.

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7. Cornerstone House by Splinter Society

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Located in the north-side suburb of Northcote, the Cornerstone House emerges as an ode to the rugged beauty inspired by the project site itself, referencing the quarries that once typified the area. This background also inspired the bathroom, made mainly of stone, creating a simple yet stunning final result.

8. Eastern Road Apartment by David Hicks

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Bathrooms in Melbourne tend to be minimal and modern, but this project by David Hicks proves they can also be bold and luxurious while keeping it simple.

9. Fitzroy house by Fiona Lynch

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Blending old and new, this house embraces a refined interior, with bold use of materials and bespoke joinery, while respectfully preserving the original architectural elements. Its bathroom is an extension of this boldness, being an all-black space that still exudes comfort and elegance.

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10. Harrington Residence by ElvinTan

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Harrington Residence started as a gorgeous but sparsely decorated luxury home. ElvinTan Design transformed this home into a stylish showpiece that embodies the personality and style of the owner. This beautiful black and white bathroom is no exception, with neutral colors that are still inviting and cozy.

11. Lynch Project by Borland Architects

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Designed by Borland Architecture, this Brighton townhouse offers a striking architectural composition and make the most of a small plot of irregularly shaped land. Its bathroom also exemplifies how skilled this firm is in creating beautiful projects despite every preexisting condition. In all white, this is a great example of how simple yet full of individuality Bathrooms in Melbourne are.

12. Malvern Retreat by Mark Alexander

Bathrooms in Melbourne

A sanctuary with a relaxing resort-style vibe. With a brief to create a relaxing oasis, through expansive space and minimal clutter, Mark Alexander drew inspiration from his client’s travel to Africa, Singapore, and other exotic locations around the world. This also inspired the beautiful bathroom, an amazing space to relax in.

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13. Port Melbourne Home by Moss Melbourne

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Because not all Bathrooms in Melbourne are in neutral tones, Moss Melbourne shows us with this project that is possible to create a relaxing and calming bathroom in soft tones that are also a bit cheerful.

14. Portsea House by K.P.D.O.

Bathrooms in Melbourne

This bathroom, in the Portsea House by K.P.D.O., shows us how Bathrooms in Melbourne aren’t just focused in colors, but also the play of textures. These stunning and trendy tiles are all the K.P.D.O. team needed to create a simple yet dynamic bathroom, and we’re here for it!

15. Princes Hill House by Christopher Elliot Design

Bathrooms in Melbourne

The Christopher Elliot Design team drew inspiration from Nordic inspired European interiors that celebrate the ‘old’ in a restrained modern context to create this house and its bathroom. The harmonious junction of the black against the sharp, clean lines of the bathroom exemplifies this beautifully.

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16. Scalpellino House by Biasol

Bathrooms in Melbourne

The exquisite beauty of natural stone and the skilful craft of stonemasonry are brought to the fore in this modern bathroom, with sculptural elements that are compelling on their own, and even more impressive together. Simple and striking, this is another one of the beautiful Bathrooms in Melbourne featured here.

17. Southbank Pied-À-Terre by Alexander Pollock

Bathrooms in Melbourne

A penthouse in the highly sought after arts precinct on Southbank was renovated to become a holiday accommodation. The interior design aims to achieve a masculine hotel vibe. Sculptural pieces are a common theme across the space from lighting, lamps and wall pieces. The same transpires to the bathroom, warm and inviting while maintaining a masculine look.

18. Sussex Street Apartments by MIM Design

Bathrooms in Melbourne

MIM Design have completed Sussex Street Apartments in Melbourne’s Bayside suburb of Brighton. Flanked by both panoramic city and bay views, the apartments embody a sense of informal luxury that resonates with the urban beach locale, both a considered representation of their idyllic position and sophisticated residents.

19. Thorton Residence by Doherty Design Studio

Bathrooms in Melbourne

Thornton Residence Cut into the hillside, the home is designed as three separate pavilions connected by glass walkways, with an orientation to maximise the natural light and frame the spectacular views. Its bathroom perfectly showcases a mixture of styles that combines perfectly to create a timeless and trendy feel.

20. Willow by Bayley Ward

Bathrooms in Melbourne

This beautiful bathroom has floor to ceiling windows to provide ample natural light and ventilation. Every space has been carefully and purposefully designed to consider every single detail to provide the highest level of luxury and sophistication.

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