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Bathroom Surfaces are commonly understood as an accessory to decorate a bathroom design but Maison Valentina believes that they can be used as an art panel in the walls! The brand offers surfaces built with 2 aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core named Reynobond and designed by a team that aims […]

Bathroom Essentials: Must-Haves Of The Month Bathroom Essentials are “must-haves” to be able to truly ascend to perfection, and Maison Valentina decided to gather the best elements to purchase this August! From incredible taps to amazing mirrors and bathtubs, these elements will truly turn bathrooms into something “augustalicious“! Let’s take a look […]

Autumn Shopping: 5 Key Designs For The Season Autumn Shopping is an excellent way to spend free time, and give a boost not just to our energy but also to home decor. Maison Valentina wants to reinsure that everyone has key designs to rock their interiors by showing 5 pieces […]

Scandinavian Style Meets Luxury Bathrooms Scandinavian Style is marked by a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. The trend emerged in the early 20th century and shares some elements with Mid-Century Modern, once the Scandinavian Style favours bright and airy spaces. Although it has flourished throughout the […]

Gold Bathrooms are a symbol of richness and wealthiness, where people can feel like being in a retreat without leaving their homes. Adding gold to a bathroom decoration can bring a glamorous feeling to it, mostly because gold is a luxurious and opulent color. Maison Valentina knows that regarding gold designs, sparkle is never enough but […]



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