Bathroom Mirrors To Get A Luxurious Decor

21 September, 2021


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Bathroom Mirrors are always changing and evolving, turning themselves into new ways of expressing art and feelings, of generating comfort areas that can truly be engaging and surprisingly unique. In this list, we have gathered some of the most incredible bathroom mirrors that Maison Valentina has to offer. Do you want […]

Bathroom Essentials: Must-Haves Of The Month Bathroom Essentials are “must-haves” to be able to truly ascend to perfection, and Maison Valentina decided to gather the best elements to purchase this August! From incredible taps to amazing mirrors and bathtubs, these elements will truly turn bathrooms into something “augustalicious“! Let’s take a look […]

Gold Bathrooms are a symbol of richness and wealthiness, where people can feel like being in a retreat without leaving their homes. Adding gold to a bathroom decoration can bring a glamorous feeling to it, mostly because gold is a luxurious and opulent color. Maison Valentina knows that regarding gold designs, sparkle is never enough but […]

Fall Bathroom Trends have arrived to begin the preparation of the upcoming season! Trends are ever-changing, never static, and it’s important to start wondering what the best and most unique fall bathroom trends will be! Here on this list, Maison Valentina gathered what will reign supreme over all other color trends during […]

Some types of decoration can bring a visual overload, the minimalist style through soft colors and straight lines furniture is always an excellent option to transform a bathroom into the coziest space in the house. Building on the minimalistic style, kit your bathroom out with all the products to create […]



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