Maison Valentina was born in Porto, Portugal, aiming to deliver the most exquisite and sophisticated bathroom furniture. Offers high-end solutions made with the finest material selection, combined with rare handwork techniques, contemporary design and assuring supreme quality.

As a global brand, being present in design in the most important cities is inevitable. Establishing a close relation and working proximity with our clients is imperative. We take it to the next level by having a customer support team and a costumer centric posture. Through our costumer centric approach, Maison Valentina focus on the client requirements pursuing value maximization by guaranteeing excellence in design, production, commercialization and customer support.

As an outstanding brand, Maison Valentina will be recognized as the main reference in the worldwide luxury bathroom market, heightening luxury meaning and leading the market to new boundaries.


Our main goal is to offer the same comfort and luxury that you are able to feel in any other division of the home, keeping at the same time the best exclusive design and bold pieces.

Gathering talented professionals from different fields, each piece is tailored and handmade having in mind the customer needs and desires. Exclusiveness is granted since our skilled craftsman focus all their effort in creating both aesthetic and functional perfection. Our hunt for new challenges allows the client to demand customized and tailored pieces in which we will surely exceed the customer expectations.

Our one-of-a-kind creations praise any bathroom environment whether you are building it from scratch or just remodelling. We believe any client should be able to have our items so we are able to deliver from one piece to a full collection or environment. If you are a single buyer, a Contractor, an Interior Designer or an Architect, either way, we will deliver!



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