Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. For the latest version on these Conditions please see it online on our Website. These Conditions can be saved electronically or printed by all users of our Website. Whilst they remain posted on our website, these Conditions will apply to all transactions carried out via our Website, e-mail and by telephone. By placing an order, it is implied that you accept our terms and conditions as listed below:Version dated 14/03/2018


1. We reserve the right, without prior notice, to discontinue products or change specifications and prices on products;
2. Prices always refer to a single unit and VAT is not included in the price. Legal tax and fees must be subsequently added to the price;
3. Taps not included. But we can quote the model in the images.
4. The prices are EX WORK Rio Tinto, Portugal. They do not include don ́t include shipping, handling charges or assembly service;
5. Specifically, on Upholstery items, the price includes the standard fabric; in case a different fabric from MAISON VALENTINA’s collection is required, the client should contact MAISON VALENTINAto enquiry the price;
6. All pricing is determined by qualification of customer;


1.All taxes and excises of any nature whatsoever now or hereafter levied by governmental authority, whether federal, state or local, either directly or indirectly, upon the sale or transportation of any goods covered, hereby, shall be paid and borne by Buyer


1. Packaging is always included in our price;
2. When mandatory the use of wooden box the client should instruct when placing the order;
3. If the client requires specific packaging, it will be charged accordingly.


1. All accounts will only be registered once the first pro-forma is issued;
2. Client has to provide valid company details such as: Billing name, Billing address, VAT number (company registration number or resale number).
3. A credit application accompanied by the client’s certificate of resale is required to open an account;
4. Open credit terms will be considered on an individual basis, after the first pro-forma order;
5. Proforma orders will require a 50% deposit with the order and the 50% balance prior to shipping from Portugal (until 3 days before the expedition date); 6. Proformas or customized orders require a 100% payment with the order;

BENEFICIARY ADDRESS: Travessa Marques de Sá, Nº 68, 4435-324 Rio Tinto, Gondomar, Portugal
NIB 0010 0000 51099050001 36
IBAN PT50 0010 0000 5109 9050 0013 6
BANK NAME: BPI – Banco Português de Investimento
BANK ADDRESS: Av. Boavista, nº 1117, 4º andar,
4100-129 PORTO - Portugal

BENEFICIARY ADDRESS: Travessa Marques de Sá, Nº 68, 4435-324 Rio Tinto, Gondomar, Portugal
NIB: 0010 9999 51099050601 56
IBAN: PT50 0010 9999 51099050601 56
SWIFT BBPIPTPL BANK NAME: BPI – Banco Português de Investimento
BANK ADDRESS: Av. Boavista, nº 1117, 4º andar,
4100-129 PORTO - Portugal
7. Payment must be made by account transfer (in Euros € or in Dollars $) and a confirmation (receipt) of the transfer must be send by fax: +351 224 881 669 or e-mail: info@maisonvalentina.net.
8. Pro-formas should be signed and stamped by the client as a form of approval of the described content.
9. All pieces are the property of MAISON VALENTINAuntil payment in full is received.
10. MAISON VALENTINAreserve the right to defer the dispatch date until the balance of the order


1. MAISON VALENTINA reserves the right to apply a warehouse fee except for mutual agreement between both parties.
2. Upon completion additional storage fees of 5% of total invoice price per week will be charged to store merchandise if outstanding invoice balance is not paid in full and shipping arrangements have not been made within fifteen (15) business days from the date of product reception from Manufacturer.
3. The 5% charge will be compounding each week until outstanding invoiceis paid in full and shipping arrangements have been paid.


1. All quoted completion and delivery dates are estimates only.
2. Production lead time is between 4 to 6 weeks for standard products, with exceptions. Delivery time is not included.
3. For selected standard products; for products with taps, clic clacs and siphons; for products with custom specifications; or for orders of large quantities, MAISON VALENTINA reserves the right to agree with the client on a different lead time.
4. Lead time for orders with COM products only start once the fabric arrives at our office and is properly identified.
5. All fabrics must be identified with the proper document.
6. MAISON VALENTINA is not responsible for delays in production or any fabric misuse if the fabric is sent without identification by the client.
7. MAISON VALENTINA is not responsible for delay in production time if there is failure in submitting the confirmation (receipt) of the transfer.


1.All quoted completion and delivery dates are estimates only.
2.Manufacturer shall not be liable for delays in completion or shipment or default in delivery for any reason of force majeure or for any cause beyond Manufacturer’s reasonable control including, but not limited to, (a) government action, war, riots, civil commotion, embargoes or martial laws, (b) Manufacturer’s inability to obtain necessary materials from its usual sources of supply, (c) shortage of labor, raw material, production or transportation facilities or other delays in transit, (d) labor difficulty involving -employees of w (e)¬fire, flood or other casualty, or (f) other contingencies of manufacture or shipment. In the event of any delay in Manufacturer’s performance due in whole or in part to any cause beyond Manufacturer’s reasonable control, Manufacturer shall have such additional time for performance as may be reasonably necessary under the circumstances.
3.Acceptance by Buyer of any goods shall constitute a waiver by Buyer of any claim for damages on account of any delay in delivery of such goods.


Shipping quotes are valid for 8 weeks from the date of issue of the quote. MAISON VALENTINA reserves the right to update the shipping quote after this period. All shipping arranged by MAISON VALENTINA is subject to insurance. Shipping fees will be charged separately from the product(s) value, upon request of shipping services. Standard shipping quotation includes door-to-door, drop off service only. If a different service or urgent delivery is required, the customer must clearly request it when placing the order and will be charged accordingly.


1. Thetransports made by MAISON VALENTINAare assured. If transportation is arranged by MAISON VALENTINA, fees will be charged separately from the product(s) value, white glove service is not provided in the quotation. All products are carefully packed and inspected prior to shipment.
2. The waybill is assigned to the purchaser at the time the goods are picked up by the carrier in Portugal. The refusal of damaged merchandise in no way relieves the client of responsibility for payment of goods.
3. MAISON VALENTINAis not responsible for loss or damage in transit. Should visible or concealed damage occur in transit, immediately notify the delivering carrier with initial notification of intent to file a claim. Please note: Any damage should also be communicated to MAISON VALENTINAduring the first 48 hours after receiving the order; photographic evidence of the damages should be sent via email to info@maisonvalentina.net.
4. Failure to report concealed damage within fifteen days of receipt will result in the denial of your claim. Proving that any damage in the piece(s) requires replacement, MAISON VALENTINAcompromises to exchange the damaged part/piece integrally within a period agreed with the client. It is mandatory to receive the damaged part/piece before replacing it by the new one.
5. If the client chooses to transport the product(s) by his own methods or means, MAISON VALENTINAwill be free of any charges or responsibility over events that might occur during transportation.


1. MAISON VALENTINAdoes not accept returns. It is within our sole discretion as to whether to accept returns of merchandise
2. Items returned without our prior authorization will be refused at buyer’s expense.
3. Returned items must be in their original condition and packaging, and you shall prepay and be liable for all charges in connection with the shipping of returned goods, including insurance.
4. The 40% non-refundable deposit will be kept on all returns of merchandise. Custom items are not returnable under anycircumstances.


1. Email orders are the best way to send in your order. All orders must be submitted in writing by including a purchase order number, job or customer name.
2. An order confirmation will be sent out within 24 hours by email. Merchandise is manufactured upon the receipt of the order and deposit of 40% of the order value.
3. Cancellations will not be accepted after 5 working days from the order issue date. The amount already paid will be credited (MAISON VALENTINACredit Note) to the same entity that was ordered from us.
4. Changes in orders, returns or cancellations require prior written approval from manufacturer. In every other aspect (delay, client indecision, loss of projects, etc.) the amount paid to MAISON VALENTINAwill not be refunded or credited as Credit Notes, and the client will lose any right to the goods.
5. Such orders will be subject to change, cancellation or stocking fees up to 40% of the net selling price.


1. These orders will necessitate special pricing based on quantity and features.
2. All custom designs are subject to a non-refundable design fee plus any customization charges. In specificcases of customization, additional design fees may apply. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis at which time the Buyer will be noticed of any said fees.
3. For pieces with custom specificationswe reserve the right to extend the listed lead time.
4. Custom orders are not returnable under any circumstances. If a custom order is received produced incorrectly (i.e.: wrong ¬finish or fabric) MAISON VALENTINAreserves the right to reproduce or repair the current merchandise prior discussing a return. All custom order returns due to production issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


1. MAISON VALENTINAhas the ability to customize existing products or new products to meet contract specifications. These orders will necessitate special pricing based on quantity and features. Please contact MAISON VALENTINAfor contract quotes.


1. MAISON VALENTINAmakes no representation that it ́s products comply with any or all local building codes. It is the Buyer ́s responsibility for determining local code compliance.


1. Dealer internet websites may neither advertise, nor in any way display the MAISON VALENTINAname, logo, product images or any other branded company symbols or information without prior written consent from the company.
2. Dealer websites may not display pricing on MAISON VALENTINApieces, promotional offers, discounts or value statements (e.g. lowest price in town). Please contact MAISON VALENTINAfor further company guidelines on internet usage


1. We reserve the right not to sell to, or continue to sell to, any dealer whose distribution or sales tactics result in a negative effect on our ability to compete and sell within a market area.


1. Each MAISON VALENTINA design is hand crafted. While every effort is made to maintain uniformity, slight variations may occur.
2. Some products may have marks, minor pitting, porosity, and small colour anomalies. These are the distinguishing traits of our handcrafted casted brass products.
3. Marble is a natural stone, subject to significant colour variations. Therefore, each piece may have veins, colour differences, mineral intrusions, pores, and grouting.
4. MAISON VALENTINA is free of committing any design improvement without notification. Images on catalogue or website may vary from the final product. We work every day to enhance the quality of our products aesthetically, usability and reliability.
5. For custom requirements every case will assessed individually by


1. LEATHER: The leather is a soft porous material that can easily absorb liquids and oily substances. Avoid saturating the leather with liquids for a long period. Take care of the leather with a gentle and light cleaning. It is a natural, “living” material that needs to move naturally. We recommend that stained or dirty leather being cleaned by professionals.
2. TEXTILES: The cleaning of the textiles should be vacuum or by brushing lightly. They should be kept away from direct sunlight.
Rotate and reverse pads when cleaning for an even strain. High pile fabrics may lose their initial height, to avoid this; we recommend a gentle steam cleaning to return it to its initial shape. In the case of brushed ones, they should be brushed by a soft hairbrush. Cleaning with water or cleaning solvents may cause tissue discoloration. We recommend that stained or dirty fabrics being cleaned by professionals.
3. METALS: Never use alcohol or detergents on metals. Use only thin cotton or extra soft cloths. We recommend that stained metals to be cleaned by professionals.
4. POLISHED METALS: The polished metals should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not use ointments or commercial waxes directly on the materials as they may scratch or damage the finish. The products we recommend are Brasso, Simichrome or Flitz. These can be used without inflicting damage on our products, unless the surface has a wax coating, these polishes will remove the wax isolating the metal.
5. TIMBER AND LACQUERS: Woods and lacquered bring depth and beauty to the products. –Even being protected with varnish and other finishes they are susceptible to erosion. The items should only be cleaned with a soft cloth. Do not use commercial ointments or waxes. Wood and lacquer should not be close to heaters or air conditioners to avoid excessive drying or exposure to moisture. Avoid extreme humidity changes at home; as extremely dry air can cause damage to the wood and crack the lacquer. Do not place hot or damp objects directly on the wood. Rubber and plastics placed on the woods can also damage the material. We recommend that stained or dirty wood, as well as lacquered, being restored and recovered by professionals.
6. MARBLES: Clean with normal neutral detergents with low alkaline content. We do not recommend the use of aggressive products such as anti-lime, acids, abrasives, degreasers, alcohol.
7. ALL MATERIALS: For any product that is damaged or excessively worn professional help should be sought.


1. We keep a reasonable number of products available for shipment. To get hold of our Ready to Ship list, please contact one of our Sales and Product Specialists or access through this link: Ready to Ship.


1. There are no warranties with our products. When issues arise, MAISON VALENTINAreserves the right to determine whether a replacement or repair is most appropriate.


1. MAISON VALENTINAhas samples available of all its standard finishes, for hard case and fabrics. If the clients wishes to acquire any of the finishes they should contact, via email at info@maisonvalentina.net orvia phone at +351 914 924350in order to purchase them.


All rights reserved. No part of MAISON VALENTINAdesign pieces may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including prototyping, 3D drawings, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the brand, except noncommercial uses permittedby copyright law. For permission requests, write to the brand, addressed “Attention: Copy Right permission,” at info@maisonvalentina.net