COVET NYC: Our Concept of a Showroom

31 October, 2018

COVET NYC: Our Concept of a Showroom – Starting November 11, Covet Group presents itself in one of the busiest cities in the world, full of glamour and design but never sleeps. Welcome to New York!

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There are thousands of inspiring places that captivate visitors through their features, the experiences they provide and the sensations they convey. Therefore, we need to present COVET NYC.

”The Mansion ” is the new project to be presented for the first time that will open doors on the outskirts of town, representing another reason for all design lovers and professionals to choose the right place to visit in the big apple.

But what is COVET NYC really about? In the background, is the maximum representation and junction of the essence behind Covet Group combining all brands.

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Covet NYC will be represented with the most excellent selection of furniturelightingupholstery and accessories from the best European luxury brands, namely Boca do LoboDelightfullBrabbu, KoketMaison ValentinaCircu, LuxxuEssential HomeRug’Society, Pullcast and Foogo.


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This project arises from the partnership between Covet House and Tessler Developments (TD, the New York City-based real estate development firm specializes in diverse development projects in New York as well as in the Mid-West). Will be present, inserted in Manhattan on Madison Avenue 172, an avenue with history and representation in multiple areas being recognized by the presence of glamorous brands like Hérmes, Armani, Prada, Louboutin, Tom Ford.


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‘’At this new luxury condo, by Tessler developments, placed on the third floor is “The Mansion”, a place that boasts 18-foot high ceilings, nearly 3000 square feet indoors with an extra 3000 square feet surrounding the terrace, which includes a one of a kind private outdoor pool. And all this fully decorated with Covet Group brands, from the living room to the bathroom, the lighting and the rugs, all will be set with our unique luxury brands and products.’’


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After November 11 you can expect a new light on this avenue, with even more charm, color, design and luxury.

There will be created a space that will define and mark the experiences of luxury living in the city that will inspire professionals around the world. We will introduce and offer one of the most influential tools for the best interior designers, the power of creativity.


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It will be possible to visualize the glamour of Boca do Lobo, with several of its articles, such as the Metamorphosis center table with fantastic marble finishes or relax with Imperfectio sofa everything produced by Boca do Lobo.

Through exclusive pieces such as Bruckeck Wall lamp Xl or Hanna floor lamp can enjoy a nice lighting by the Delightful that will bring a touch of refinement to your divisions. You can also join through the Luxxu Home the Empire center table, the Navis sofa for even more elegance and glamour.

The master bedroom will be decorated with an example of day bed, Privê, by the Koket and with Orchidea for the evening. These are some of the examples of articles that can find in this new project being possible to see examples of all brands of Covet Group.


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“When I found an opportunity to build a new tower – in the very heart of New York City, a block from the Empire State Building, and on the most distinguished avenue in America – I jumped and never looked back.” – Yitzchak Tessler, CEO and President of Tessler Development

“It’s the first time our brand is presenting such a unique experience in New York City, so Covet House is amazed for being part of the wonderful new project that is Covet NYC. We could never say no to such an opportunity.” – Ricardo Magalhães, Creative Director of Covet House


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COVET NYC is unquestionably the place that will encourage all your five senses, so be ready for an exclusive experience. This is COVET NYC!

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