Double Vanities means less conflict and time saved. The big advantage is double sink will fit perfectly in all types of bathrooms, from the most traditional to the most modern and from the smaller to the most spacious.

Double Sink Vanities double sink Double Sink Vanities exclusive bathroom with koi collection

Maison Valentina selected a set of luxury washbasins with a double sink for all tastes. The washbasins have a stunning design and with different finishes, these elements promise to make a difference in any style of bathroom.Double Sink Vanities double sink Double Sink Vanities 163605794 166670271966728 4769469429017671721 n

This incredible interior by Elizabeth Bolognino has both classic feels and a certain unexpected spice. The organic look matches so well with the golden details.

Tortoise Washbasin

Double Sink Vanities double sink Double Sink Vanities tortoise washbasin sapphire mirror

Delicate yet durable and, of course, highly decorative, the Tortoise Washbasin is unique. The mix between the colors shows a sophisticated piece, contrasting the golden tap and sinks and with the black structure.

Koi Washbasin

Double Sink Vanities double sink Double Sink Vanities mix match with koi washbasin and blaze mirror eden towel rack

Inspired by the Koi fish, this washbasin is a functional and outstanding furniture piece that sets the tone for luxurious bathroom decor. The combination of the marble sink with its golden structure is absolutely amazing.

Lapiaz Vessel Sink

Double Sink Vanities double sink Double Sink Vanities dark and gold master bathroom with koi mirror and lapiaz vessel sink

The Lapiaz Vessel Sink is made of casted brass, this item can be Gold, nickel, or copper plated, or even lacquered in any color. The irregular shaped will add to your bathroom the modern look you are searching for. We are able to combine it with many-colored bases and taps from any size or shape creating the perfect design.

Double Sink Vanities double sink Double Sink Vanities 156279043 2950050495271001 5804648669293402667 n

Marie Flaning Interiors designed this welcoming and lovely master bathroom, that feels spacious with double vanities. The bathroom is absolutely stunning and looks like a dream.

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