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Bathroom Inspirations for a Warm and Welcoming Environment

25 August, 2022

Oct 19, 2015

Meet a little more about Maison Valentina and be part of our family. Joaquim Paulo is the CEO, product designer and responsible for the design department of Maison Valentina. In this interview, Joaquim unveils his path until he arrived to the design group, the source of inspiration in the time […]

Jan 5, 2015

Maison Valentina represents a unique design concept in the luxury bathroom market. Made with pure love, our collection is capable of making your dreams come true. We are able to furnish your bathroom division with an exquisite selection of high-end bathtubs, washbasins, mirrors, lighting and case goods made with the finest […]


Maison Valentina is all about luxury bathroom company with
a unique design for a luxurious bathroom interior.