25 Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

March 23, 2016

Are you and your bathroom the right candidates for a sleek minimalist setting? Contemporary bathroom, as well as a minimalist bathroom, is a perfect example of the interior perfection to optimize the space and maximize the appearance with a minimum of bathroom appliances.

Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas tends to have a clean and neat appearance, due to the lack of excessive storage and bulky materials.

Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub


MODERN bathroom ideas maison valentina

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Minimalism is a style that can make an interior design look comfortable, convenient, modern and sophisticated. And of course, all of these features can be achieved with the minimal use of furniture and accessories. It can be pretty difficult to design a room in this style because it requires special skills to arrange everything in the best way with the minimal use of things. Minimalism is a style that features strict lines, simple colors, and shapes.

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A minimalist touch is usually added to smooth surfaces, a lack of ornamentation, sculptural lines sleek fixtures, simple geometric shapes, smooth sculptural lines etc. The showers and bathtubs are visually appealing and of course, a pleasure to use. The only accessories that are usually found in the minimalist bath are organic cotton towels and indirect lighting sources. And since the minimalist style is a Nature-inspired, hardwoods and earthy textures of stone are common materials for minimalist bathrooms. When it comes to colors, again you should stick to calm and neutral tones, like white, beige, gray and blue.

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luxury bathroom ideas maison valentina6 black bathrooms


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When designing a minimalist bath space, it takes skills to create a balance between what is not enough and what is way too much. It is also about harmonizing a space and creating a perfect balance of leaving certain spaces in a room void of furnishings and accessories.

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For a minimalistic bathroom design with a strong industrial feel, the use of concrete is the best solution for you, since you can pair them up with other colors and textures in your bathroom design. As a matter of fact, Concrete floors are a natural choice.

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Natural Woods is one of the most popular materials in the luxury minimal design industry. Raw wood, in particular, has the advantage of having a soft, lingering scent and patinated brass has a warmth that comes from age. If you’re thinking of betting on a more spa-like vibefor your minimalistic bathroom design, this might be a valuable resource to turn to

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Maison Valentina freestanding bathtubs


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The right tips for your luxury bathroom maison valentina melrose

luxury bathroom ideas maison valentina15 black bathrooms

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