5 Unique Wooden Bathtubs for a Relaxing Moment

August 31, 2016

Everybody wants to relax at the end of the busy day. The best way to feel relaxed is to chill in your bathtub. If you put a wooden bathtub in your bathroom you will get a warm and cozy atmosphere. Feel Inspired with 5 Unique Wooden Bathtubs for a Relaxing Moment

wooden bathtubs ideas for your luxury bathroom

Bathroom furniture made of wood give the interior a fresh note. The warm color and attractive grain of bathroom furniture made of wood create a cozy ambiance to relax the senses and contribute to well-being at.

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wooden bathtubs ideas for your luxury bathroom

If you had a villa or a big house near the beach, you can choose this design. This wooden style with the exquisite furniture brings the owner the relaxed and enjoyable feelings.

Asia Spa

With an Asian’s touch on its decoration, this gorgeous master bathroom has a stunning freestanding oval bathtub made in wood by WS Bath Collections.


A wooden bathtub will surely enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom and bring up your bath experience to a new advanced level. This is a really outstanding and statement bath tub made of American walnut with boat floor finishing and amazingly sleek appearance. This bathtub may fit perfectly in both minimalist and classic bathrooms.

Vik Master Suite Wood Bathtub

Dark Wooden Bathtub: this dark walnut bathtub will surely stand out in the bathroom and create a wondrous and splendid ambiance. The wooden bathtub experience will surely add a huge modern statement in the bathroom.

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