Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

February 12, 2021

From Houston to San Antonio to Austin, we are continuing to focus on showrooms and how spectacular they are. In Austin, you can find a multitude of them, with various styles for all kinds of interior design inspiration. If you’re looking for projects or inspiration, this city is for you.

Supply Showroom

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

Led by Kim West and Kristin Gish, they chose Austin as their next destination for their showroom after moving from New York. With a wide range and variety, the Supply Showroom represents over 35 brands, with the majority being exclusive to the showroom as well as to the whole state of Texas.

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Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub

Nannie Inez

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

A bit of a deviation of the showroom variety, this design/concept/boutique store really showcases individuality and a mix of styles, not only from Texas but also from Scandinavian brands, like Hay and Kristina Dam Studio. This unique quality deserves a spot on this list of the best of the best inspiration in Texas.

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Urbanspace Interiors

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

By taking modern interiors and twisting them until they become an eclectic beautiful mess, Urbanspace Interiors really showcase what it means to be unique in the Texan sphere. If you love geometric and clean lines, with a Swedish contemporary/modern/eclectic twist, then don’t forget to visit this showroom in Austin.

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Blu Dot

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

A more simple showroom that encapsulates what it means to be unique but in a simpler way. If you love IKEA then Blu Dot will remind you of the style, with clean and straight lines, the simplicity that this showroom holds is a truly unique experience in Austin.

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Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte

Lavish Kitchen + Bath

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

There are also showrooms that focus on rooms that are not the living room or even bedrooms. If you are looking for inspiration for your bathrooms or kitchens, then Lavish Kitchen + Bath is a must-see for everyone that either lives in Austin or is just passing by.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu

Austin’s Couch Potatoes

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

A completely local business that holds a wide variety of local Austin and Texan brands. With a team of expert designers present in the showrooms that Austin’s Couch Potatoes holds, the inspiration throughout these showrooms is palpable.

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

Alexander Marchant

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

Alexander Marchant holds a more novel and unique showroom. Holding handles, pulls, hinges, etc. this showroom features a more hardware-centric feeling. Although this is the case, the inspiration is still there, and Alexander Marchant also sells lighting and even plumbing options.

Scott + Cooner

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

Although Scott + Cooner started in Dallas, the Austin showroom is a must-see when it comes to interior design. Led by Lloyd Scott and Josy Cooner, this astonishing showroom really encapsulates what it means to create interiors with a certain unique flavor that is unrivaled.

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

Nest Modern

Top Austin Showrooms and Design Stores

With a mid-century style, Nest Modern offers designs that showcase how the mid-century style can be stretched out to the maximum. With a variety of furniture, lighting, rugs and even accessories, Nest Modern is a must-see if you are in Austin.

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