Royal Inspirations: Bathroom Designs That Feel Fit For Kings

July 13, 2021

Bathroom designs are incredible to plan, and to feel inspired by, today, we aim to make you feel inspired by the regal looks of wonderful bathrooms that have been designed by our collaborators here at Maison Valentina. From golden blissfully charming bathrooms to imposing and dark bathrooms that could have been used by kings like Louis the XVI, or Henry the XVIII! Feel inspired by Royal Inspirations: Bathroom Designs That Feel Fit For Kings!

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Royal Inspirations: Bathroom Designs That Feel Fit For Kings

A relaxing bath begins with an incredible bath and an incredible view of the city! Luxurious furniture is the key factor in any bathroom design, setting the tone of the environment. The Koi Bathtub is the perfect place for your evenings and provides superb moments of peace and relaxation, even after a busy day, with an exuberant design inspired by carp scales. Highly decorative and functional, the Naicca Suspension Lamp blends perfectly whit the ambiance and looks fabulous in any luxurious decor. 



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Royal Inspirations: Bathroom Designs That Feel Fit For Kings

Nothing screams exclusiveness like a bathroom fully covered in marble. Especially if it features such wonderful pieces as these black Diamond bathtub and Diamond freestanding, topped by a golden Apollo mirror. The Diamond Bathtub turns heads wherever it stands. Besides its irregular shape inspired by its jewel’s name, it has a built-in oval tub that will provide the most comfortable soak. 

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Royal Inspirations: Bathroom Designs That Feel Fit For Kings

Freestanding bathtubs are the right choice when it comes to that relaxed time of blissful energy restoration. More and more, this kind of bathtub is proving to be a popular choice when it comes to designing a bathroom, perhaps it’s due to the extreme luxury its award to the oasis. The emotional Oval Symphony Bathtub and the elegant marble Cross Grey Surface are a match made in heaven for a luxurious master bathroom! Gold grey and white automatically transform any bathroom into an authentic luxury. 



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Royal Inspirations: Bathroom Designs That Feel Fit For Kings

Grey-associated brown tones are an incredible show of sophistication with the attractive coliseum Mirror turning this contemporary toilet into an astonishingly distinctive and revolutionary resting place. Floating vanities are up to date like Symphony Washbasin, crammed with crisp lines that actually award appropriately customizable storage options that simply were not possible before. These vanities come in an array of configurations, with different colors and shapes, sizes, and plumbing options. The truth is that they simply fit any bathroom they’re in, awarding an incredibly sophisticated feature that will blow all your visitor’s minds.

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Royal Inspirations: Bathroom Designs That Feel Fit For Kings

A Freestanding Bathtub belongs in a luxury Master Suite! This one-of-a-kind Diamond Bathtub has a unique shape that provides moments of pure relaxation and joy. The diamond-shaped sculptural body is based on its name, making it an exquisite item in any modern bathroom. Highly functional, the beautiful patterns and colors make the Tortoise Washbasin unique. Black, grey and golden colors show a marvelous piece, contrasting with the golden tap and sinks and black legs. Adorn your bathroom with remarkable and exclusive contemporary design impressive items!



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Royal Inspirations: Bathroom Designs That Feel Fit For Kings

A master bathroom can go wrong with neutral tones of profound elegance. They bring in such a glamorous feel to the bathroom and harmony, making it feel serene and inspiring that will elevate your bathroom design and improve your mood. Choose a neutral color palette with golden details for a flash of splendor Symphony Washbasin, made of casted brass, is perfect for a stunning master bathroom, providing the golden glamour with a visually interesting shape, adding to the splendor of the design. As the highlight of the project, you get an oasis-like space that’s perfect to relax with Symphony Bathtub that provides a comfortable bath with design sophistication. This bathroom visual looks calm and serene with light to the neutral color palette and some gold details.

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