Perfect White Bathrooms that Will Make You Feel Serene

October 13, 2017

Crisp, pure, and clean, a white-on-white palette can have an extremely power­ful effect on the mind, clearing visual and mental clutter and paving the way to total relaxation. From tile to fixtures to vanities and accessories, a room drenched in white is calm and peaceful, whether it’s steeped in tradition or sleekly modern. So check out these Perfect White Bathrooms that Will Make You Feel Serene.


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White Marble

Perfect White Bathrooms

A marble white bathroom is always a safe choice, also using also marble will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.


Rustic White

Perfect White Bathrooms

If you like rustic decor and would like to incorporate into your bathroom but still maintaining a white palette, add then a wood accessorie, like a stool, for example, like the idea above.


Luxury White

Perfect White Bathrooms

If you have a master bathroom and want to remodel it, why not go with this breathtaking idea?


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Bathroom With a View

Perfect White Bathrooms

Glam it up with a view like this, just like this bathroom in an apartment of Paris. Add a tub like the one above and you will spend hours viewing the city in a relaxing sooking bath.


Spa-Like Bathroom

Perfect White Bathrooms

If your dream is to have a spa-like bathroom at home, then this idea is perfect for you. You just need to add a freestanding tub, a stool or a bench, a fantastic washbasin and you are ready to go!


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Source: Elle Decor


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