Luxury Hints For An Enchanted Christmas Bathroom

November 8, 2018

Luxury Hints For An Enchanted Christmas Bathroom – Are you wondering what is going to be trendy and stylish for Christmas trends of 2018?
When it comes to Christmas trends there is always some “guiding star” to determent the spirit and style to help you with your Christmas decoration.

Maison Valentina has gathered a few trends for this festive season, in order to help you elevate your bathroom Christmas décor.


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Exquisite Colors Combinations and Trendy Styles

Luxury Hints For An Enchanted Christmas Bathroom

This year the fashionable colors are varying within the range of purple, blue and gray – maybe you wonder if blue is a Christmas color? Well, this year it is and in combination with purple and green imagine what you can achieve with it in your beautiful bathroom? It will be cool and warm to have it surrounding you.


Metal Hints

Luxury Hints For An Enchanted Christmas Bathroom

To complete the color experiment the glamorous feel of copper, brass and platinum This will be a perfect addition for a night that, according to tradition, it has to be full of light and fire. Enjoy and search the natural magic that comes with it.


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Mixing Different Metal Hues

Luxury Hints For An Enchanted Christmas Bathroom

Golden, silver and brass give a specific contemporary appearance to the decor composition and their reflection with light are always hypnotizing. The simple geometric forms can create a kaleidoscope of twinkling lights, ornaments and contemporary shapes that spread light through this beautiful season.

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