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Luxury Bathrooms: Design Mirrors | Part 1 covet

Luxury Bathrooms: Design Mirrors | Part 1

July 13, 2015

Decorative details and luxury accessories are very important to create a luxury bathroom. Today we will show you amazing design mirrors who will be perfect capable to transform any luxury bathrooms.

The importance of mirror design to maximize the functionality and elegance is applicable for any bathroom. Therefore, you need to pay more attention on this feature and set the mirror with some designs and detail setting. Decorative bathroom mirror will add personality to the space while instantly showcasing striking reflection and statement to your bathroom decor. In this section, you will get 78 inspiring bathroom mirror decorating ideas that you’ll love, check them out!

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There are a lot of shapes and styles of bathroom mirror design. Choosing the right one can be quite challenging, because you need to emphasize some essential aspects before adding mirror to your bathroom. The shape and size of mirrors will influence the bathroom decor. A big wall mirror will showcase spacious feel to your bathroom interior, while a small vintage bathroom mirror on wall can steal the show. There are numerous shapes of bathroom mirror that you can try, from rectangular, round shape to vintage oval bathroom mirror ideas.

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You can also jazz up the look of boring bathroom with different styles of mirrors. Modern bathroom mirror design with sleek shape looks suit to minimalist bath space. Some modern mirrors feature additional elements as such: lighting, shelves and small cabinet. The mirror has a primary function which is to mirror or prism and helping you out to get ready on daily basis. However, the bathroom mirror is not only intended to get a quick reflection when you want to get dress, the fixture apparently can be used as decoration too. The existence of a mirror in the bathroom is very important. Want to know what does it do? Here are some funtions of bathroom mirror.

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Don´t miss tomorow the second part of this article and find out incredible  mirrors cable to transform you bathrooms.

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