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Bathroom Ideas: Industrial Design

September 14, 2017
Bathroom Ideas: Industrial Design – The unassuming charm of the industrial style makes it so endearing to many of us, yet we often only seem to stumble upon kitchens and bedrooms that embrace this stripped-down style. But today we take a look at this gorgeous industrial bathrooms.

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Bathroom Ideas: Industrial Design mv bathtubs 750


Industrial Design   Bathroom Ideas: Industrial Design Black and white claw foot bathtub steals the show

This beautiful bathroom is part of a home in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York. Instead of just embracing the traditional traits of industrial design, this ingenious bathroom uses several subtle decorations and accessories to usher in a global appeal.


Industrial Design   Bathroom Ideas: Industrial Design Steel sheeting used to craft the walls of the bathroom

This bathroom was originally the shed of a church in Australia that was transformed to complete a small, stylish vacation home for architect Michael Sandberg. Concrete floors and corrugated metal give this industrial bathroom its inimitable look!


Industrial Design   Bathroom Ideas: Industrial Design Custom shower glass door gives the bathroom a unique look

The custom glass shower area with metallic frame really stands out in this bathroom. The use of tiles that mimic concrete in terms of aesthetics creates a one-of-a-kind space. A touch of wood and industrial-style lighting turns the small bathroom into a serene, personal heaven.


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Bathroom Ideas: Industrial Design mv surfaces 750


Industrial Design   Bathroom Ideas: Industrial Design Smart bathroom design makes wonderful use of space

Here is another bathroom that makes creative use of its contours to ensure that it appears a lot larger than it really is. The use of white for the walls accentuates this effect, while the wooden additions and penny tiles around the bathtub give it an interesting vibe. Combining subtle industrial touches with a ‘salvaged rustic look’, this bathroom offers a fascinating new take on industrial-style spaces.


Industrial Design   Bathroom Ideas: Industrial Design industrial bathrooms2


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