Take Inspiration From These Impressive Washbasins – Part III

October 11, 2018

Take Inspiration From These Impressive Washbasins – Part III – With the winter season fast approaching, it is good to be ahead and plan all the changes you want to see for your bathroom design or at least have good sources of inspiration in case you want to remodel your bathroom set. For the third and last part of this article, we have selected three amazing washbasins. Check them out.


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Impressive Washbasins

Crochet washbasin that merges a traditional knitting technique with the best of Portuguese luxury furniture design. It features a wooden body lacquered in white, accented by handmade brass knitting pattern, making this piece of furniture extremely artistic. It has a countertop made in polished marble and two integrated brass sinks, supported by slipper foots, a reference to the antique furniture. Definitely a timeless design piece.



Impressive Washbasins

The KOI washbasin helps you create a better sense of space division in your bathroom. The aged brushed brass in its base goes perfectly together with the Nero Marquina marble sink and countertop. Just like the Koi carps used in tattoos, this artistic and elevated piece will forever leave a mark on you.


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Impressive Washbasins

Newton is an organic shaped washbasin made out of casted aluminum spheres that merge to create a tabletop, providing a unique design approach to this bathroom decor piece. The spheres are finished with a high gloss black lacquer, contrasting with the cut ones on the counter, finished in casted brass. It features an integrated round sink in polished brass for some golden accent. It is a true piece of art!

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