Beautiful Bathrooms with an Oriental Touch

November 16, 2016

Beautiful bathrooms are a trend nowadays. They get as much attention as any other division of the house. Like we usually say “If there’s one room that deserves a little extra luxury, it’s the bathroom”.

We’ve seen a lot of different bathroom styles, and one that always sticks to our mind is the Oriental style.

An oriental bathroom brings the perfect spot to relax, rest and recover from a hard working day. It also helps you to prepare for the rest of the week. These bathrooms can be described as a place with a sense of tranquility, balance, visual harmony and well-being. Soothing color themes and natural elements for decoration are other invitation card.

An Eastern inspired bathing sanctuary  with clean lines, minimalistic decor and harmony as the heart of the design aesthetic

We bring you these beautiful bathrooms for you to be inspired with.

Beautiful Bathrooms with an Oriental Touch 1

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on creating harmony and balance in the house. This is achieved by designing or arranging living environments in certain ways to improve the flow of positive energy through the space and, by extension, the inhabitant’s life.

Beautiful Bathrooms with an Oriental Touch 2

Wall, ceiling and floor, will usually have the “wow” effect. While Asian inspired bathrooms tend to be free of elaborate decoration, it doesn’t mean it can’t be full of impact, like this one.

Beautiful Bathrooms with an Oriental Touch 3

The decoration with natural elements in an asian style bathroom gives a unique touch to it. In this case, it helps you to relax and feel at easy at the comfort of your bathtub.

Beautiful Bathrooms with an Oriental Touch 4

To finish off, this bathroom combines a rustic decor with oriental elements. More than often we associate the burning candles with the asian environment due to their spas and massage parlours.  This one is without a doubt a home sanctuary.

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