One of the big trends of this year is to bring the outdoors to indoors, another huge trend is to put a lot of plants inside of the bathroom. Check out these Bathroom Trends 2017: Bring Nature Inside.

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The color green can be rich and elegant, which also brings vibrancy and sophistication to any room including the bathroom.

Bring nature inside the bathroom with this magnificent types of green, one of the color trends of 2017.

Bathroom Trends 2017

Try to paint your bathroom walls in green, so you can obtain the kind of effect just like the picture above.

Bathroom Trends 2017

You can also add some green accessories if you are not a fan of painting your walls with colors.

Bathroom Trends 2017

One of the huge trends of 2017 is to put plants in the bathroom, around the bathtub or near the bathroom windows.

Bathroom Trends 2017

If you feeling bold and a prefer a longer solution why not add some green tiles?

Bathroom Trends 2017

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Another way that you can bring nature inside it’s to decor your bathroom with wood accessories.

Another way to decorate your walls, besides painting in green or adding tiles, you can put wallpaper. This is another big trend of 2017.

Besides, using green accessories, or painting your walls, why not add a statement green bathtub? This will definitely make a splash in your bathroom.

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