athroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

Bathroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

May 31, 2021

Nook Architect has many bathroom design ideas for getting inspiration for your next project. They are an architecture and interior design studio located in Barcelona. It was founded in 2011 by Ana Garcia, Joan Cortés and Rubén Berenguer.

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Bathroom Designs Ideas

Ana Garcia is a graduate from UPC Barcelona and started her professional career in 2001. In 2005, she completed her postgraduate degree in Construction Projects and Processes at the Sert School, establishing herself as a teacher and architectural design studio.

Joan Cortés also graduated from IPC Barcelona. He lived in Sweden where he developed his studies in experimental architecture and design. He started his professional career in 2009.

Rubén Férez like his colleagues is a graduate of UPC Barcelona. He started his professional career in 2010 and has collaborated with professional firms such as GVR Arquitectes and EC Compta Arquitectes, where he has acquired complete knowledge of architecture, urbanism and design projects

Bathroom Designs Ideas

Bathroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

Nook Architect’s principles are to create a place of privacy; a place that provides peace and quiet; any small nook: a breakfast nook; a corner, as in a room.

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1. Bathroom Designs Ideas – Ronda

Bathroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

Inspired by The Look

This house is located between the Natural Park of Garraf and its beach. It has views of the coastline and the Mediterranean Sea.
The result of the restoration is a contemporary house where the natural light, the views and the dialogue between the interior, the patios and the exterior are highlighted, as we can see through the grand window of this bathroom.

2. Bathroom Designs Ideas – B67

Bathroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

Inspired by The Look

Bathroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

Located in district 22 of Barcelona, the refurbishment of this house has totally reorganised the interior of the building and restored its exterior, providing lift access to the top floor terrace. In the bathroom, neutral and simple colours have been used to give a modern touch to this space.

3. Bathroom Designs Ideas – Deep

This house is located in the Eixample neighbourhood. A comprehensive refurbishment has been carried out, helping to lay the foundations for the family’s new urban retreat with a contemporary feel. Despite containing light tones such as white, this house has a touch of blue colour.

4. Bathroom Designs Ideas – The Room

Bathroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

Inspired by The Look

THE ROOM project is offices that have been created to be a flexible and multifunctional environment that can take on different structures as required by the user. The bathrooms are simple and modern.

5. Bathroom Designs Ideas – Cardedeu

The house is situated in the district of Gracia. The result of the renovation is a house that meets the functional needs of the owner and proudly displays its original structure and gradual evolution. In the bathroom the use of wood with the more traditional floor transforms this space, making it very welcoming.

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6. Bathroom Designs Ideas – The Duke

Bathroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

The vision for this project was to open the flat to the street and allocate the more functional areas in the darker part of the house Contemporary architectural features were incorporated, while managing to retain the classic and elegant spirit of the flat.

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7. Bathroom Designs Ideas – Es Garbi

Bathroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

Located on the Costa Brava, in this house restoration has been carried out that is faithful to its traditional Mediterranean origins and, at the same time, unequivocally contemporary in its design. Natural light and sea views now occupy the centre of this privileged house. Here the bathroom is very spacious and with the glass walls, it becomes even larger. It gives this space simplicity and comfort.

8. Bathroom Designs Ideas – House Of Mirrors

Located in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona. This project has contemporary and cosy finishes that highlight the original envelope. This space also features an independent bathtub in the bedroom.

9. Bathroom Designs Ideas – Bed ana Blue

This is a Bed & Breakfast project that has 6 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, each with a balcony or patio outside, a small kitchen to prepare breakfast and a common room on the ground floor facing the main street, where visitors can enter and be entertained by the lively activity of the street. The bathrooms are blue but with very simple lines and elements.

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10. Bathroom Designs Ideas – The Wall

Bathroom Designs Ideas With Nook Architects

The house has been fully adapted to the current and long-term needs of the family and what was once compartmentalised with fixed uses and configurations is now diaphanous and flexible. Again this bathroom has simple lines and light tones.

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