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Top 7 Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

December 3, 2014

Bathroom lighting ideas for your bath area could sound like an easy job but it depends on the style you want to have in your bathroom set. If your home is modern and minimalistic then you should choose modern lights with straight lines and shapes along with some of LED light to get the best effect of their design.

This kind of lightning can be perfect for white and bright bathrooms. Here you can find a selection of the most amazing modern bathroom vanity lighting ideas to get inspired. Take a look!

Top 7 Modern bathroom lighting ideas1

7. This is the ideal lighting idea for a stylish and modern bathroom. To use mirror lights is not only a smart idea, but also works as a delightful decorative piece.

Top 7 Modern bathroom lighting ideas2

6. Also you can go with the built-in bathroom lighting idea. Here these lights work as a complement of the wall lights and are smartly placed above the sinks for better lighting in the mirror area. If you want a luxury lighting system in your bathroom you have to combine different kind of lights, carefully thought.

Top 7 Modern bathroom lighting ideas3

5. If you have a large wellness bathroom, you can also resort to lighting fantasies, such as pendant lamps combined with small ceiling lamps and wall lights in simple shapes. This lighting system is very exclusive but it is perfect idea if you want a relaxing bathroom atmosphere.

Top 7 Modern bathroom lighting ideas4

4. If you have a tub area for relaxing moments you can add a chandelier above to create an even calmer atmosphere. And in a modern luxury bathroom design by Ingrao the chandelier works perfectly in the decoration.

Top 7 Modern bathroom lighting ideas5_Maison Valentina

3. A modern and minimalistic bathroom asks for a perfect light to go with it. And this amazing golden wall light, by Delightfull for Maison Valentina, is the ideal piece for a modern bathroom that works both as a mirror lamp and a decorative piece.

Top 7 Modern bathroom lighting ideas6_Delightfull

2. This is another lighting idea for a modern and minimalistic bathroom design. If you don’t want to use the classic mirror light you can put a modern ceiling light like Galliano, by Delightfull, that works also as a decorative piece. And in this amazing bright bathroom this industrial silver ceiling light looks just gorgeous.

Top 7 Modern bathroom lighting ideas7

1. In a modern bathroom where there is a tub area you can also use a modern chandelier. If so you are not only lighting up the tub area but also creating a relaxing and calm atmosphere in your bathroom.


Do you agree with this top 7 modern bathroom lighting ideas? What’s your opinion?

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