Best Interior Designers to be Inspired By

January 4, 2021

Are you looking for inspiration for your new bathroom? The bathroom is one of the most private spaces in our house, a place for relaxation after a long day. If you need ideas to build your perfect resting oasis, take a look at these stunning projects of dazzling bathrooms, conceived by the best interior designers in the world.

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1- Mea’ad Al-Aboud

Best Interior Designer * Mea'ad Al-Aboud.jpg

Color and simplicity seem to be what characterizes Al-Aboud’s work, creating a beautiful environment, perfect for you to unwind after a long day of arduous work.

2- Fernando Santangelo

best interior designer * fernando santangelo5

A romantic designer, Fernando Santangelo is thoughtful when approaching a new color for a project, worrying about perfect proportions and beautiful placement. This is a splendid choice for a bathroom design, allowing you to escape the loudness of workdays. 

3- Joanna Wood

joanna wood 2

Joanna Wood’s mission is to create a timeless style, one that aims to combine contemporary elements with traditional ones, producing a result that is both practical and visually rich.

4- AndArchitects

and architects 3

Gazing at diversity as a strength, AndArchitects favours simplicity, clear designs, and legible construction processes. With one design such as this one, your bathroom could truly become your sacred haven of peacefulness. 

5- Emma Donnersberg

Best Interior Designers Emma Donnersberg 3

Emma Donnersberg uses spatial organization and a beautiful array of colors to generate the highest level of luxury possible. Travel influences her work greatly, and a design like hers might take you on a relaxing journey after a long, hard day.

6- Debbie Evans

Best Interior Designer * Debbie Evans

Debbie Evans is a masterful bath designer that will plan out your space and coordinate everything to mesh perfectly throughout. With a design such as hers, you might find yourself lost in the symmetry of peacefulness.

7- Theresa Casey

Best Interior Designers * Theresa Casey

This designer loves to work on shapes, proportions, textures, and light to create a harmonious and emotionally rich balance of tones. With such an ambiance in your bathroom, you would probably feel one with everything around you.

Maison Valentina Silk Vessel Sink

8- Olga Berkhman

Best Interior Designer Olga Berkhman

This interior designer can do it all, ranging between classical and revised contemporary styles, her artful deco is strongly inspired by classical periods like the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. A perfect choice to absorb you out of your tiresome routine and into another time.

9- Cheryl Torrenueva

Best Interior Designers * Cheryl Torrenueva

Focused on you, the client, this interior designer aims to bring you modern and fresh spaces with an eclectic mix of elements. Can you truly ask for a better place in which to rest?

10- Design Haus Liberty

design haus liberty 1

For those who seek a challenging and exciting place to take a bath in, these are the interior designers to contact. Again here, the client comes first and you are sure to be awarded a fantastic bathroom interior design.

11- Mariette Himes-Gomez

Best Interior Designer Mariette Himes-Gomez (1)

Mixing style and Glamour, this interior designer aims to create a great and relaxing environment for you to enjoy after a long day. Classical elements fill this bathroom, creating a timeless feel that could be just right for you.

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12- David Collins

david collins 6

Intriguing. Beguiling. Provocative. Otherworldly. Elegant. Subversive. Unpredictable: These are just some of the words Collins uses to describe his studio, and probably you would use it to describe your own bathroom with them should you be inspired by these interior designs.

13- Andree Putman

Best Interior DesignerAndree Putman4

Atypical and free, the designs by Putman will surely proved you with a unique bathroom to bathe in and forget the world that screams outside your window.

14- Vincent van Duysen

"vincent van duysen interiors"

Disregarding the superfluous, this designer aims for a simple and clear style that will leave you breathless. This simplicity may very well be the kind of characteristic your bathroom needs for you to relax.

15- John Stefanidis

john stefanidis 3

With the client in mind, this designer seeks to combine vibrant colors and an eclectic cosmopolitan aesthetic. His sensitivity will definitely bring that extra flair to your personal bath oasis.

Special Mention – The Newton Collection

In a special mention, The Newton Collection, from Maison Valentina, would also allow you to bathe in a visually rich, bold, and contemporary bathroom. With bathrooms such as these, you could enjoy the beauty embedded in stillness. 

Concluding, all of these interior designers are likely to be great inspirations for you to build your own perfect resting oasis.  Did you feel inspired by these dazzling aesthetics?

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