Ways To Make Your Luxury Bathroom Look More Expensive

January 8, 2016

It’s really easy to identify a luxury bathroom, everyone recognizes one! Bathrooms are unusually spacious, decorated with expensive materials, stylish accent details or filled with light.  But which elements define a luxury bathroom?

Lot’s of Space 

A bathroom that is spacious as the one in the Picture it is inevitably a luxury bathroom, regrdless of its design.

lots of space in bathroom maison valentina

Great Views 

when a bathroom has such huge windows the views from here are surreal. Bathrooms are usually small and don’t have large windows either because of the lack of space or for privacy reasons, the views from here are almost inexistent.

GREAT VIEWS in bathroom maison valentina

Marble Walls

Luxurious bathrooms feature natural materials on their walls and floors and marble is one of them.

marble walls in luxury bathroom maison valentina

Luxurious Finishes

The finishes and textures play an important role in the overall design of the bathroom. This particular one features a textured wallpaper on the walls that almost looks like stone and contrasts with the chromed details and shiny elements.

luxurious finishes in luxury bathroom maison valentina


Ornamental Details

Certain ornamental elements have the ability to give a bathroom a luxurious look, even if the room is not particularly spacious or if it doesn’t have floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views.

ornamental details in luxury bathroom maison valentina

Luxury Materials

A combination of onyx and marble was used here to give this bathroom its unique and sophisticated appearance. However, this is not a look that suits all styles and it best left for traditional homes.

ornamental details in luxury bathroom maison valentina

A Sunken Tub

Pretty much that’s out of the ordinary and more difficult to include in a regular bathroom. In this case, you have a sunken tub and an incredible view!

sunken tub in luxury bathroom maison valentina

The Perfect Lighting 

There are two ways in which light can affect the overall ambiance and the look of a bathroom. On one hand, lots of light in the bathroom can be a luxury. On the other hand, subtle, accent lighting used strategically in the room can also have a similar effect.

lighting in bathroom maison valentina

Decorative Wall Art

Sacrificing a portion of a bathroom for decorative purposes can be a sign of luxury. In this case, the relief panel between the wall mirrors is a really beautiful and sophisticated feature.

lighting in bathroom maison valentina

Nature-Inspired Decor

As you can see this makes every bathroom feel luxurious, but it’s also a look that never goes out of style.

nature inspired in luxury bathroom maison valentina

Dramatic Contrasts and designs

Although simple, the elements used in this bathroom were strategically used to create strong and dramatic contrasts. The way the light is reflected on the paneled wall, the sharp and clean lines of the tub and its matte black finish and the overall ambiance creates very intimate and relaxing bathroom.

contrast in bathroom maison valentina


Another feature of luxury bathrooms can be a skylight. Basically, anything that adds natural light and makes the bathroom look and feel more airy and bright can allow it to look luxurious, interesting and sophisticated.

skylights in bathroom maison valentina


The Color

Never underestimate the power of color. The right color used in the right space can have an outstanding visual effect and greatly impact the overall design and ambiance.

color in bathroom maison valentina

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