4 Golden and Luxurious Taps for Any Bathroom

July 5, 2018

4 Golden and Luxurious Taps for Any Bathroom – Taps come in a huge range of styles from traditional to contemporary.  You can pair the traditional, timeless bathroom suite with modern taps for an interesting twist on the style. Even though bathroom taps are often thought of as being a “finishing touch”, they have a huge influence on the look of the bathroom as a whole, also, make sure to find a tap that suits the color scheme décor of your bathroom, check out this stunning taps.


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Pulse Three Hole Mixer Tap

Golden and Luxurious Taps

Pulse is a three-hole mixer tap that really stands out for its design. Simple yet modern and elegant, this tap will for sure excel in any design project.


Elegance Three Holer Mixer Tap

Golden and Luxurious Taps

(Diamond Free) Elegance is a three-hole mixer tap that fits perfectly on any countertop or sink. This piece available in many finishes will add your bathroom the elegance and glamour you deserve.


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Groove Wall Mixer Tap

Golden and Luxurious Taps

Groove Wall Mixer (Metropolitan washbasin) Groove is a beautiful modern wall mixer tap. This piece stands out for its minimalistic look that bounds easily with any washbasin, freestanding or vessel sink. Its single handle allows shifting between water temperatures with precision assuring a fast response and ease of use.


Victorian Two-Hole Mixer Tap

Golden and Luxurious Taps

Victorian Two-Hole Mixer (Symphony Washbasin) The Victorian Two-Hole Mixer enhances any washbasin or freestanding classic look. If you are looking for a functional solution that stands out for its subtle yet beautiful look you will be pleased to choose Victorian. The several finishes you may choose from enable a customized look to your project.

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