10 bathroom trends for 2015

10 Bathroom Trends for 2015

December 18, 2014

If you are thinking about giving an overhaul but aren’t sure how one way to start is to look for the latest design trends for inspiration.We gathered 10 bathroom trends for 2015. Get inspired!

#1 Feature floor tiles

10 bathroom trends for 2015

“They are stunning and provide a great design opportunity when working with challenging bathrooms that have no clear walls for a feature wall” according to Jasmine McClelland.

#2 Bathrooms that are inspired in the rest of the house

Matching will all the house decor, bathrooms in 2015 will be according a lot designers, be one of the biggest trends. If you like stripes, your bathroom wall should be like that too. What do you think about that?

#3 Bigger Showers

Is yours big enough? Well, bigger is better. More space! It is the space where you refresh and unwind. Because of its importance, it makes sense to give this space a lot of attention in making it beautiful and feel like yours.

#4 Custom Vanities

10 bathroom trends for 2015

“People now want custom vanities — made for them and their needs, rather than mass produced, say Castagna and Genner, who designed this bathing zone. The glam space features a floating vanity custom made to suit the aesthetics of the sleek, contemporary design scheme, provide plenty of storage and enhance the illusion of spaciousness.

‘The good old shaving cupboard is also making a resurgence,” the designers add. “We’re also using a lot of drawers and smart technology, such as doors that lift up and move out of way, which make good use of storage.’ “


#5 Have a freestanding Bathtub

10 bathroom trends for 2015

“The freestanding bath is more than aesthetic — it is emotive,” says McClelland.

#6 Add some furniture at your bathroom master suite


The wall of mirrors in this contemporary white bathroom makes the space feel huge. Instead of regular cabinets, the cabinetry has open shelves that look cool and modern.

#7 Garden life in your bathroom

10 bathroom trends for 2015

“I know some of us have been scared off indoor plants … but it’s time to reclaim the idea of indoor plants with cascading creepers that can dress any bathroom,” McClelland says. More often, people are decorating their bathrooms with plants and creating a little garden inside.

#8 A little grey

10 bathroom trends for 2015

“Gray has been a popular color choice for the bathroom in 2014, and it’s a trend that is sticking around, according to Barnes. If you’re worried a gray palette will make your bathroom feel flat and lifeless, introduce slicks of white to cut through the moody hue and create a sophisticated look.”

#9 Incorporated lighting

10 bathroom trends for 2015

“For a more dynamic look, consider introducing colored LED lighting. This contemporary bathroom features a color-changing backlit vanity that instantly lifts the look and mood of this space, as well as an LED rainfall shower head.”

#10 Natural Beauty

10 bathroom trends for 2015

“Want a bathing area that’s welcoming and serene? Then drawing design inspiration from nature is a great way to warm a typically very hard room of the house and infuse the space with a calming vibe. It’s one of the key bathroom trends of 2015, according to designers Simona Castagna and Darren Genner of Minosa.”


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