Renew Your Bathroom and Be Inspired By The Tones of Mix-Metals: Enjoy the glamor and elegance of metallic tones, take advantage of a strong metal insert renovation and be dazzled by the fantastic results you can get! Here are some essential tips for your next project!

Define your dominating metal:
When renovating or building your bathroom, if you have divisions with open connections, opt for a predominant metal. Choose only one metal to define the pattern of your division and then you can complete with details blending with other more eccentric metals.

Enjoy the magic of various metals:
If you plan to differentiate yourself by the contrast of the metallic colors, you may opt for a split with two or more types of metals. Here consider well the distribution of all metals and colors of their finishes, because it can make the space heavy with a strong noise in the colors making it uncomfortable and not attractive. Always remember in a balanced with the distribution of the colors.

Balance warm and cool tones:
A great option when it comes to the beauty and elegance of a space! Anyone who has never felt inspired by a division in which metals predominated between silver and gold, apart from being a winning bet on the design of their space will make it elegant and more glamorous as well.

Use the color palette available and get inspired:
Use the background of your space and see what your present color pallet can tell you and help you figure out which are the best metals to choose from to match and charm your bathroom renovation!

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