Maya Armchair
Maya Armchair
Maya Armchair
Maya Armchair
Maya Armchair
Maya Armchair


W:96 cm | 37,80" D:73 cm | 28,74" H:83 cm | 32,68"

Fabric: Cotton velvet

Estimated Production Time: 12 weeks

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MAYA armchair's green/lime color was taken from one of the primary elements of Mayans culture, the maize. Represented as a tree of life in Palenque, Maya's Maize God was also personified as woman. MAYA armchair has the sensual and delicate forms of the feminine being and the strength of a tree of life; this combination makes it as the perfect piece for every bathroom. The sweetness of its velvet will give you the sensation of being a god or goddess in heaven.

WIDTH / LENGTH:96 cm | 37,80"

DEPTH:73 cm | 28,74"

HEIGHT:83 cm | 32,68"

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