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Bathroom Designs have the power to completely change one’s home, providing unique feelings of blissfulness and peacefulness that will settle a serene ambiance of pure oasis beauty. To help you improve your home, Maison Valentina has gathered some of the most dazzling bathrooms and closet looks in the market as we speak! […]

Located in New York, Workshop/APD team bring their talent to the decoration of such beautiful modern bathrooms. The experienced group demonstrate once again their talent for interior design by creating very different and innovative bathroom projects, suited just perfectly to different tastes and visions their clients might have. The Workshop/APD aesthetic is […]

Bathroom Ideas empower one’s bathroom design while also allowing for moments of unique rest and peacefulness. In order to help you understand the current landscape of this world, we at Maison Valentina have brought to you the best articles from the First Edition of Home’Society Magazine.     Home’Society has been standing […]

Oct 12, 2021

Vanity Tables are perfect decorative furniture designs that have a sensuous and glamorous flair to them. When combined with a mirror, these designs can become functional and quite important to your wellness routine. They can easily set the mood for your decor and they can actually look amazing in master bedrooms. Maison […]



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