The leather is a soft porous material that can easily absorb liquids and oily substances.

Avoid saturating the leather with liquids for a long period of time. Take care of the leather with a gentle and light cleaning. It is a natural, "living" material that needs to move naturally. We recommend that stained or dirty leather being cleaned by professionals.


The cleaning of the textiles should be vacuum or by brushing lightly. They should be kept away from direct sunlight.

Rotate and reverse pads when cleaning for a even strain.

High pile fabrics may lose their initial height, to avoid this, we recommend a gentle steam cleaning to return it to its initial shape. In the case of brushed ones, they should be brushed by a soft hair brush.

Cleaning with water or cleaning solventes may cause tissue discoloration.

We recommend that stained or dirty fabrics being cleaned by professionals.


Never use alcohol or detergents on metals. Use only thin cotton or extra soft cloths.

We recommend that stained metals to be cleaned by professionals.


The polished metals should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Don’t use ointments or commercial waxes directly on the materials as they may scratch or damage the finish.

The products we recommend are Brasso, Simichrome or Flitz. These can be used without inflicting damage on our products, unless the surface has a wax coating, these polishes will remove the wax isolating the metal.


Woods and lacquered bring depth and beauty to the products. – Even being protected with varnish and other finishes they are susceptible to erosion.

The items should only be cleaned with a soft cloth. Don’t use commercial ointments or waxes.

Wood and lacquer should not be close to heaters or air conditioners to avoid excessive drying or exposure to moisture.

Avoid extreme humidity changes at home, as extremely dry air can cause damage to the wood and crack the lacquer.

Don’t place hot or damp objects directly on the wood. Rubber and plastics placed on the woods can also damage the material.

We recommend that stained or dirty wood, as well as lacquered, being restored and recovered by professionals.


Glass and crystal can be cleaned by wiping with a soft damp cloth or glass cleaner with no additives. Apply glass cleaner to a soft cloth rather than directly on to the fixture to avoid overspray that may damage other finishes.


For any product that is damaged or excessively worn professional help should be sought.