8 Top Colorful Bathroom Tile Ideas

July 10, 2017

Tiles, the ever minimalist trend that will light your boring bathroom routine with a splash of color. If you are thinking of adding more color to your bathroom, you need to see these 8 Top Colorful Bathroom Tile Ideas.

Start scrolling and start getting inspired with these colorful ideas!

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8 Top Colorful Bathroom Tile Ideas

Perfect for a true color lover, this idea will definitely light up your morning bathroom routine.


Navy and White

8 Top Colorful Bathroom Tile Ideas

Navy and White has been always a classic. Also, this duo has been a must-have in kitchen and bathroom through this year.

Ocean Ombre

8 Top Colorful Bathroom Tile Ideas

This blue ombre is the perfect dose of understated glamor.


Mustard and Blue

8 Top Colorful Bathroom Tile Ideas

Put some blue tiles into your wall and add some accents of mustard color through the accessories or textiles.

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Mint Green

8 Top Colorful Bathroom Tile Ideas

Go for a 70´s vibe with these beautiful serene tiles, but if you wish to go bold, follow the design idea from the picture above.

Lime Green

8 Top Colorful Bathroom Tile Ideas

Give your bathroom a statement wall and floor with these stunning tiles.

Red and Orange

Color block with these warm colors and go for a fun yet sophisticated look.

Mellow Yellow

Try to match these type of tiles with another color in paint, or if you prefer match these tiles in the same color paint to obtain a monochromatic design.

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