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Rigby and Rigby: A Holistic Approach To Design

July 11, 2021
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Rigby and Rigby is a multi-award-winning, leading design studio of ultra-prime property in some of the world’s most exclusive destinations. This practice is a multi-award-winning architecture, interior design and delivery studio based in London with a holistic approach to design. Find out more about Rigby and Rigby’s projects below!

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Rigby and Rigby

Rigby and Rigby consists of a multi-disciplinary studio of professionals specialising in ultra-prime design. Their expertise extends across development management, architecture, luxury interior design, construction, and private client services to create the most exceptional properties in the world. Rigby and Rigby is owned by Rigby Group, the multi-national holding company for a portfolio of privately owned and highly renowned businesses operating internationally across Europe and the Middle East.

Rigby and Rigby

Rigby and Rigby

Critical thinking is at the forefront of Rigby and Rigby’s process, allowing individual elements of architecture and interior design to integrate with sophisticated yet usable technology. The result is a fully resolved and refined interior that is both functional and luxurious.

Rigby and Rigby

1- CV37 041

Rigby and Rigby

The conversion of this country house included outstanding leisure facilities such as a pool, gym and family spaces. This beautiful sculpted bathroom creates a calming and luxurious space for one to relax.

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Rigby and Rigby

For this project, the client desired a yacht that had a “penthouse feel” with increased crew, guest integration and a contemporary design throughout. The interior design has been adapted including amendments to the cabinetry. The contemporary but pared bathroom interior revolved around a colour scheme of blues and greys resulting in a serene and calm environment.

3- NCE 201

Rigby and Rigby

The soaring positioning of this project set the foundation of Rigby and Rigby’s concept to blur the lines between the excitement and intrepid nature of the sea with its thrilling waves and the intense warm sky. Rising through the sea, in competition with the clouds, in the mist and haze of the ocean sits a new experience, cantilevering out into a place of serenity. Rigby and Rigby’s design concept has taken its inspiration from the shift from water to cliff, the tension and suspension above the water line, akin to the new revolution of hydrofoil in yachting. Engineered and contemporary the design is further enhanced by dynamic and bold geometry with innovative use of materials.

4- SW3 016

Rigby and Rigby

Rigby and Rigby designed and refurbished this handsome project, in the popular Knightsbridge Garden square. With bright, open and traditional spaces, the property includes a spacious bathroom in light and soft hues, making sure one can find their own private oasis in it.

5- SW3 024

Rigby and Rigby

For this project, Rigby and Rigby converted a former church into a single residence. Throughout this major redevelopment, the architectural features were preserved in conjunction with its full redesign and refurbishment. This bathroom was incorporated into a generous lower ground floor, created to provide an indulgent and opulent well-being suite including a swimming pool, spa, treatment room, gymnasium and cinema.

Rigby and Rigby

6- SW3 125

Rigby and Rigby

Rigby and Rigby played a large part in the construction and delivery of this unusual and eclectic property in the heart of suburban Chelsea. In this unique bathroom, the painted white walls are an ideal backdrop for the owner’s collection of contemporary art, full of vibrancy, colours and character, an artistic flare reflective of the origins of the building.

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7- SW7 074

Rigby and Rigby

The restoration of this home by Rigby and Rigby included the addition of a basement level and upgrade of existing historical fabric of the building. Rigby and Rigby provided enhanced living and amenity accommodation in accordance with the family’s modern living requirements, which included this beautiful dressing corner.

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8- SW7 075

Rigby and Rigby

When fully refurbishing this Grade II listed townhouse, Rigby and Rigby team was sensitive to the building’s heritage by restoring its historical fabric. The interior design team focused on creating a sophisticated, elegant and contemporary design using bespoke furniture pieces accentuated by delicate fabrics, specialist wallpapers and carefully curated accessories, as can be seen in this dressing corner.

9- W1K 202

Rigby and Rigby

Rigby and Rigby were appointed as the designer for two floors of guest rooms and suites in the upper wing of a world-famous 5* luxury hotel. The design concept derives from the juxtaposition of being undeniably classic but strategically modern, marking a new era in the hotel’s legacy. Glamour is distilled to its very essence.

10- WC2B 130

Rigby and Rigby

Shortlisted for Living Space – UK Award, in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019, Project WC2B 130 is a full-scale revision of a contemporary apartment in the heart of Covent Garden. With the close proximity to Covent Garden, the scheme captures the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere of its surroundings, whilst marrying with the traditional Edwardian architecture of its own, and its neighbouring buildings. By incorporating colours and contemporary furniture, Rigby and Rigby delivered a unique property with a practical yet elegant approach.

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