Moon Bathroom: A Luxurious Showroom To Astonish

August 30, 2021

Design Talks is proud to present the most unique and wonderful showroom in France: Moon Bathroom. Sabrine Terrasse is the guest of this wonderful edition of the show that was born from Home’Society‘s desire to explore all things interior design, Design Talks includes interviews with leading architects, interior designers, and showrooms to discover and discuss what is trending and the whole creative process of any project. 

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Watch the full Interview here:

Moon Bathroom: A Luxurious Showroom To Astonish

Exclusive Interview with Sabine Terrasse From Moon Bathroom

Sabine Terrasse was the guest of this wonderful and amazing edition of Design Talks. Moon Bathroom is a fantastic showroom that has been partnering with Maison Valentina’s brand for some time now. Moon is the result of a collaboration between design and the plumbing company, Air & Water. Together they have noticed a true and real evolution of the bathroom’s place at home, because, as Sabine puts it “people now need to be open for, open on other intimate space…(the bathroom) It’s a “me time-space”, it’s a wellness corner, it’s a bath area”. As such, this showroom strives to be able to award products that have incredible experiences for the senses and that can give people the material they need to build their perfect private oasis.

Moon Bathroom: A Luxurious Showroom To Astonish

Moon Bathrooms has adapted its services for this evolution in the marketplace and they pride themselves in taking care of everything from creation to installation. Their process is based on searching and finding the best sanitary brands, like Maison Valentina, then creating a complete “me time” space equipped with the personality of their customers.



Moon Bathroom: A Luxurious Showroom To Astonish

As for the reason why Maison Valentina was included in the showroom’s wishlist, it comes from the fact that Maison is a luxury brand, which translates into a glamorous and fancy design, going to meet the wishes of the showroom’s target audience. The fact that Maison Valentina is also a very customizable brand. Sabine argues the brand can match everything in your home to perfectly reflect the bathroom’s style.

Moon Bathroom: A Luxurious Showroom To Astonish

One of the showroom’s most prized projects was 6 years ago in a gigantic house in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat where they personalized a bathtub to perfectly fit the client’s needs. The client wished for a bath area in the bedroom. As such, she had argued that she wanted to spend more time with her husband who likes to be in bed. So, the showroom’s term put a white bath, covered with grey marble, and created a complete look just for her.

Moon Bathroom: A Luxurious Showroom To Astonish

Currently, Moon Showrooms is working for JW Marriot hotel in the present, on one huge project that is basically a group of apartments becoming a loft just in front of the Palais des Festivals and there are two huge bathrooms and a “me time-space” on the dressing room.



And what is the showroom’s current favorite trend?

The Showroom’s favourite trend is the Osmond style. It works very well in Cannes because of the typically French style with retro lines and modernity and with an organic style with raw materials and natural lights.

And what is Moon Showroom’s design motto?

Their design motto is based on the fact that no matter the space one designs in, on must find the balance between the perfect mix of trends and the customer’s personality, and it must work specifically for the niche they work in for their clients seek the perfect and most wonderful private oasis possible.

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