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June 20, 2017

The recent introduction of exquisite and rich surfaces expanded our collection and it offers more possibilities to turn the bathroom into an artistic place, check out the Maison Valentina Surfaces.

Our collection of surfaces is perfect for the bathroom and shower wall panels and they provide endless design possibilities to create different bathroom styles.

These art panels are based on the use of acrylic colors assortment and resin materials, also they can be can be customized through graphic and handmade artistic touches and created in different sizes to create unique ambiences into your bathroom.


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Abism Jellyfish

Maison Valentina Surfaces

The jellyfish’s lines were integrated into this panel to provide a sensorial experience of freshness directly into a basic printing composition of black marble.

Black Paramount

BMaison Valentina Surfaces

The black marble’s texture is on the basis of this printing which attempts to transform its own design bringing out all the natural shades and white reflections.


Cristal Larzac

Maison Valentina Surfaces

Cristal Larzac is inspired by the French desert. The Causse du Larzac is a limestone karst plateau in the south of the Massif Central, France.


Agatha Lotus

Maison Valentina Surfaces

This art panel inspired by Agatha’s mineral stone has a gathering of layers resembling the shape of the Lotus Flower, a plant that has a symbolism of purity, rebirth, and divinity in the Buddhism and Hinduism religions.


Black Agatha

Maison Valentina Surfaces

The Agatha mineral stone is behind the creation of this art panel. Agate is the banded form of the mineral Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz.

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Bronze Rust

Maison Valentina Surfaces

The Bronze tones used in this art panel will turn any bathroom into a warmer and cozier place.


Cross Grey

Maison Valentina Surfaces

The crossing of different tones of gray, smoother or darker, gave birth this artistic art panel.


Gold Onyx

Maison Valentina Surfaces

Onyx was very popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans and inspired the creation of this artistic surface. Onyx is also the name of an excellent stone for releasing negative emotions and therefore brings good fortune and helps in recognizing personal strength.

Smoked Honey

Maison Valentina Surfaces

With its lighter tones, the Smoked Honey art panel will give a smooth yet elegant touch to any bathroom area.


Snow Hanna

Maison Valentina Surfaces

The Snow Hanna art panel depicts the delicate figure of a woman’s back merged in a brown and white marble texture.

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