Fall Trends: Bathroom Designs To Impress

September 3, 2021

Fall Trends of 2021 is just around the corner, so BRABBU, Rug’Society, and Maison Valentina, selected the most unique and dazzlingly stand-out trends and colors, to show incredible options for the upcoming season.
The brands considered that these trends they have chosen for the upcoming season must reflect people’s personalities and beliefs. The past year has seriously transformed nearly every aspect of the world, making humanity evolve in a way we never thought we had to.
In its aftermath, this pandemic came to change lives forever, making comfort and functionality the most important trends to follow, to create environments filled with calm, warmth, and

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A Material Full of Exclusivity and Magnificence There is something sumptuous about the combination of marble in interiors, considering that this noble material can fill spaces with exclusivity and
magnificence. During the past years, marble has stood out in interior design, through different products, given its sharp, clean and natural
appearance, which provides visual interest to any house division. When using marble, the key is always balance and moderation, so the secret is to use small doses of it, as accents or statement products that will not
overwhelm the eye but create a modern and appealing environment.

Biophilic Design

Due to the pandemic virus of Covid-19, it is more and more valued to spend time outside, whether in gardens, patios or balconies. Therefore, biophilic design is all about bringing nature to interior design spaces, with the purpose to connect the human mind to the outdoors, which is considered a benefit for people’s health. The idea is to provide people with living spaces full of houseplants, natural light and nature-inspired furniture to ensure that there are places to relax and remain social all year round.

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A Pop of Color with Orange Tones

Fall is just around the corner, so to spice things up, orange is synonymous with the upcoming season, embodying the warmth of red and the optimism of yellow. Stimulating, vibrant and flamboyant, this color is surprisingly
versatile, so when set against a soft neutral pattern, it becomes a slick update on a traditional design, adding a modern and contemporary vibe to any environment.

The Colorful and Monochromatic Feeling of Olive Branch

Olive Branch is a soft and slightly brownish shade of green, inspired by the unique tint olives acquire. Given its subtle nature, this color can serve both as a neutral color and an accent color, depending on how comfortable people are with
using it.
The secret to playing around with Olive Branch is to start by applying it to accessories, like rugs or curtains, accent walls, sofas, or cabinets, to dip the toe into colorful interiors but maintain the monochromatic neutrals.


Blue is a timeless choice for interiors, but in recent years softer and fresher shades have become a go-to for interior designers, given the extremely relaxing effect of this aquatic shade.
Xenon Blue is versatile, powerful and elegant, furnishing any room with character, from the living room to the kitchen, and the bathroom to the bedroom, providing various stylistic directions and combinations. For example, when mixed with white, it creates the most balanced and bright space.

Fall Trends Bathroom Designs To Impress Contemporary Bathroom

A contemporary bathroom is all we need to relax on the colder days of the fall season. That combination of colours is a mix of all the trends that you can have for the upcoming season!

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