Black Bathtubs – A Statement of Elegance

September 3, 2018

Black Bathtubs – A Statement of Elegance – The idea of a relaxing bathroom at home often evokes images of a spa-inspired setting where it is white and light blues that hold sway. Darker tones are often shunned in favor of pastel hues and the modern trend has been to add a few warm, wooden accents to complete the appeal of curated opulence. Even if you are not willing to commit to dark gray and black walls, tiles or accessories, maybe stunning black bathtubs in that sea of white would be more of your taste! Underrated and often underused, the black bathtubs are a showstopper that never fails.

With freestanding tubs becoming the norm once again in contemporary bathrooms, it is time to think about giving your bathroom that much-needed makeover with a hint of dramatic flair. The bathtub in black is unique, elegant and fits in surprisingly well with a wide array of styles and decorating themes, ideal for a luxury bathroom. Whether you have a luxurious master suite or a small bathroom with limited space, the dark and bold bathtub never leaves you disappointed.

black bathtubs

black bathtubs

black bathtubs

The 90s were a time when the bathtub was firmly anchored to the wall and it took innovative designers, a fall in prices and a wide range of design options to turn homeowners towards more exuberant freestanding options. Today, the standalone tub comes in a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes and yet few captivate and enthrall as those clad in black. The black bathtub has an air of mysticism that their more modest white cousins seem to lack and it sure stands out visually when placed in a contemporary bathroom draped in a muted color palette.

Contemporary Indulgence:

The black pedestal or soaking tub takes up little space when compared to some of the most extravagant designs featured above and even if you have limited space in your bathroom or master bedroom (that is a fun choice indeed), these tubs fit in just fine. Once again, the presence of black does much more than just add visual contrast as it anchors the space and when coupled with painted window frame, floating shelves or even the vanity in a similar shade, one can fashion a fabulous black and white background in the bathroom with ease.

Designs such as the stunning Vessel, which brings together the aesthetics of a hammock and the luxury of a standalone bathtub surely drench you in a world of extravagance. It is not just this carbon fiber delight alone as the black bathtub comes in a variety of finishes ranging from metal to stone. Surely few other statement pieces in the bathroom (if any) can make such a grand visual impact!

black bathtub

A Timeless Treat:

For those who love black, there are plenty of options on offer in the traditional bathroom design, claw-foot club of the tub as well. In fact, you can always turn an old, discarded claw-foot bathtub that you found at a nearby sale into a vintage style masterpiece with a simple restoration job and some paint. Sometimes a truly genuine vintage piece might seem a touch too expensive for your liking and it is here that modern replicas and other alternative styles come to the rescue. A traditional slipper tub with a dark exterior is arguably one of the best ways to combine soothing dips with charming aesthetics in one single swoop!

Black Bathtubs, contemporary bathroom, Contemporary bathrooms

dark indulgence, Luxury Bathroom

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Versatility of the Black Bathtub:

The beautifully weathered cast iron tub, a vintage style delight for the Victorian bathroom in dim gray or that exquisite collector’s tub in Jet black; bathroom style is never a hindrance when picking a tub in black. While the choice of the tub depends on your personal taste, the ambiance of the bathroom and the accessories around it, there are times when a left-field choice that ushers in an unexpected pattern or texture can make all the difference.

dark indulgence, Luxury Bathroom

Black Bathtubs, contemporary bathroom, Contemporary bathrooms


Black Bathtubs, contemporary bathroom, Contemporary bathroomsBlack Bathtubs, contemporary bathroom, Contemporary bathrooms





Source: Decoist

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