Atelier Estimo

Atelier Estimo’s Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

June 30, 2021
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Based in Zurich, Atelier Estimo‘s amazing projects have conquered the hearts of their customers, from all over Europe. The amazing and full of talent firm has developed several high-profile projects. Enjoy our curated selection of the 10 best luxury bathroom projects, that Atelier Estimo has developed and designed flawlessly.

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Atelier Estimo

Atelier Estimo is composed of architects, designers, and real estate professionals. Together, they plan and implement well-thought-out construction projects and bring the needs of customers into an optimal relationship: from function to aesthetics to returns.

Atelier Estimo

As an interdisciplinary studio, Atelier Estimo has been devoting itself to creating and implementing outstanding buildings since 2007. They understand what moves their customers and accompany them with enthusiasm through their construction projects. As a service provider, the firm brings the needs and goals of the customer in line with architectural, economic, and building regulations.

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

Atelier Estimo maximizes the use and value of rooms and properties – from function and aesthetics to returns. Their analytical and holistic approach lays the foundation for this. With clear goals in mind, they advance their projects and lead them resolutely to success.

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Atelier Estimo Projects

1. Hans Eisenring’s Showroom

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

In Matzingen in the canton of Thurgau, it has implemented what is probably the most modern industrial plant for processing natural stone in all of Europe. The new showroom of Hans Eisenring AG was planned and executed by Atelier Estimo Architects.

In the showroom on the ground floor, visitors can experience kitchen covers and work surfaces, while a complete living area for wall and floor coverings, as well as wet rooms, has been created on the first floor. The top floor, in turn, offers enough space for customer events and aperitifs.


Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs


2. The Bison Penthouse

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

The Bison penthouse demonstrates how a holiday apartment can gain in class and utility: through courageous interventions by Atelier Estimo’s interior designers and consistent interior design.

With a living space of 135 square meters and two large balconies, the penthouse in the center of Davos did not offer bad key data. But the original division into five and a half rooms left little room for generosity. 

Even the upright materialization did not match the vision of the owner, who had in mind a stylish, alpine weekend retreat that works just as well as a romantic getaway as a starting point for winter sports and nightlife. 

3. Mallorca’s Summer Home

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

Experience and enjoy Mallorcan serenity: the spacious estate in the heart of Mallorca houses a gorgeous Finca that knows how to inspire as an intimate boutique hotel.

From the first floor plan to the furnishing including OS&E, Atelier Estimo developed a coherent overall concept in Boho style.

The Only Summer Finca shines in lively colors and various woodwork adorn the entire living space. Guests could linger in the spacious living area, the double bedroom with its own bathroom, and the kitchen. Outside you can watch spectacular sunsets in the pool area.

4. House N9NE in Zurich

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

House number 9 is a classic building from the Art Nouveau period and a bloom of elements describing the era. Atelier Estimo turned it into high living comfort paired with historical chic.

The existing building fabric was treated both inside and outside with a lot of love for the numerous details and transported into the present day.

The original stylistic devices from bygone days were staged in the way they deserve. Living in the N9NE means superior living comfort, skilfully paired with historical chic.


Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs


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5. The Cocoon in Zurich

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

The Cocoon is an artfully staged hideaway, realized in the highest quality of execution. This project was designed and implemented down to the smallest detail, by Atelier Estimo, in close cooperation with the client.

An artistically implemented reinterpretation of past interior styles – as lively and cheerful as it is unique. 

On 170 m2 of living space, the apartment shows an upscale interior design that uniquely demonstrates comfort and style.

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6. Lake View Home

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

One of the most famous TV women in the country trusted Atelier Estimo when converting her own villa high above Lake Zurich. Our comprehensive support accompanied the special transformation of the architect’s villa.

Anyone who has seen so many living rooms will certainly not let anything burn at home. For once, with her – and not as usual with your guests in the “lifestyle” – you will be “spouted” in the parlor.

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7. Villa Puro in Zurich

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

Regardless of trends and without fear of the future. An elegant residential area on the Zürichberg provides the appropriate context for this new build of a stately villa with well over 800 square meters of living space.

For example, a clear separation between private and guest areas is deliberately provided. The villa’s amenities include two pools with a spa, but also a remarkable wine rack that extends over two floors. 



8. The Hideaway in Biel

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

In the middle of the largest bilingual city in Switzerland, a residential oasis is emerging that you would hardly expect here: green, quiet, and protected from the pulsating hustle and bustle of the city center.

The eight condominiums – all with spacious, well-thought-out floor plans – are aimed at all those people who expect more from their home.

People who value stylish, urban living and who still appreciate a safe haven from hectic everyday life.

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9. Villa Wilen

Those who have the courage to persevere enjoy our full support. Atelier Estimo loves projects like this. Projects which challenge them with their uncompromising and complexity and which allows exploring the limits of what is feasible.

Because what is hidden behind the inconspicuous term single-family house is in truth a high-tech villa. The wellness area, entertainment system with a central multimedia server, and an outdoor pool are just some of the features. 

Atelier Estimo’s most demanding role was planning and coordinating all work steps and the specialists required for this. Because in the end, nothing was to be seen of all the complex building technology behind the scenes.

10. Onetwenty Home in Horw

Atelier Estimo's Impressive Luxury Bathroom Designs

Central Park in Central Switzerland: Onetwenty turns the unusual into everyday life. Cosmopolitan flair like in New York, paired with the charm of the Lucerne region: A new kind of urban living feeling in Central Switzerland.

The 16 luxurious city apartments with living areas of 100 to 330 square meters open up undreamt-of possibilities for living and working – or a combination of both – and form a fascinating setting for the sophisticated lifestyle

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