15 Most Glamorous Bathtubs to Have in 2021

January 6, 2021

Your bathroom is your own private oasis, the place to rest in after an arduous day at work. Be it in the master bedroom or two doors down the hall, your bathroom should boast the most amazing and glamorous bathtub to relax in. Displaying your luxurious bathtub as your bathroom centerpiece should be the top priority in one’s mind when constructing the perfect bathroom. But how do you know what bathtub to choose? Well, fear not, for we have brought you the 15 most glamorous bathtubs to own in your own glamorous bathtubs in 2021!

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1 – The Petra Bathtub

The Petra Bathtub

This fantastic bathtub, inspired by the beautiful ancient city of Petra, in which the buildings are carved into stone cliffs, combines marble and wood to create a seamless flow of beauty. The incredible black wood matches the different shades of white to create a timeless visual experience of pure luxury. This is certainly one of the most glamorous bathtubs one can have.

2 – The Dune Bathtub by antonilupi

The Dune Bathtub

Innovative and versatile, this bathtub by antoniolupi can assume various different configurations. Its height of the edge variation is the characteristic that makes this item a flexible and unique must-have bathtub as the centerpiece in your luxury bathroom.

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3 – The Lapiaz Bathtub

The Glamorous Lapiaz Bathtub

The Lapiaz Bathtub is inspired by the wonderful karst formations produced by the dissolution of limestone rocks. Among Glamorous bathtubs, this one is a must-have for its enchanting mirrored effect of the stainless steel contrasts directly with the gold-painted tear creating a wondrous visual that will certainly stand out as the centerpiece of your bathroom.

4 – The Ibani Prime Bathtub

The Ibani Prime Bathtub

This piece is inspired by the ancient metal bathtubs that boasted the typical rolled edge. Made to have a contemporary design, this item is both poetic and nostalgic. The natural and recognizable shapes of the bathtub make it appealing to the most refined human eyes. Its uniqueness would certainly make it stan-out in your own luxurious bathroom.

5 – The Koi Bathtub

one of the most glamorous bathtubs from the koi collection

Glamorous bathtubs are dazzling, but thus bathtub is naturally beautiful and features a brass base that strongly reminds the human mind of the scale pattern of Koi carps. The iron tub has an oval shape with a curved lip, making it the perfect bath for you to rest in after your long day. This incredible object would certainly make a difference as the centerpiece of your contemporary bathroom.

6 – Sampan Double Bath

The Sampan Double Bath

The Sampan Double Bath is an original design that offers a deep linear profile with subtle details. Its luxurious nature offers an overflow of forms that will make your bathroom stand out among the rest. The bathtub offers comfort for two, and it’s the perfect choice for a relaxed time.

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7 – The Diamond Bathtub

The Diamond Bathtub

The Diamond Bathtub is made to dazzle wherever it stands. The item features a wooden structure that has high black gloss finishings and its dark color perfectly contrasts with the golden rim. Its irregular shape truly makes it resemble a giant diamond that will embellish your luxurious space and give you the best kind of comfort.

8 – The Vitae Bathtub

The Vitae Bathtub

The Vitae Collection is defined by its light curves that are inspired by the watercourse movements. The bathtub aims to represent the modernity of times, it has the concept of water as its beginning and end. This contemporary piece would certainly imbue your bathroom with dazzling beauty. Glamorous bathtubs never looked so good.

9 – The Newton Bathtub

The Newton Bathtub

The Newton Bathtub is a pure ingenious design, featuring a curved lip style shape, with timeless details that aim to give the most comfort possible. The item is ornamented with gold painted casted iron and boasts an entire golden interior. This is one of the most perfect glamorous bathtubs to have in your personal bathroom.

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10 – The William Holland Bateau Bath

The William Holland Bateau Bath

Inspires by the designs of 19th Century France, this bathtub is a romantic and classical choice for you to own as your bathroom centerpiece. Flowing lines and symmetry give this beautiful bathtub a unique and luxurious feel, unlike many other glamorous bathtubs, allowing for comfort and style to blend together perfectly. If you have a flair for the classic, this is the perfect choice for you.

11- The Symphony Bathtub

The symphony Bathtub

This Cylindrical bathtub was created with music as its inspiration, the harmonic sounds came together in one mind to give us an item with gold-plated brass tubes that elevate design to a whole new level. This artful bathtub would certainly give your bathroom all it needs to be the most luxurious in town.

12 – The Darian Bathtub

The Darian Bathtub

Inspired by Darius, a great ancient king of Persia, this bathtub was conceived to be regal in nature, constructed with precise knowledge and techniques that form a beautiful black leather structure embroidered with gold plated brass bars. Of all the glamorous bathtubs out there, this is the choice fit for kings.

13 – The Symphony Oval Bathtub

The Symphony Oval Bathtub

Just like the Symphony Bathtub, this oval variation of the design offers an elegant and luxurious look to your bathroom, distinct from other glamorous bathtubs. The musical nature of the item will certainly bring you the symphonic harmony you need after a long tiresome day at work.

14 – Le Cob Glass Bathtub

Le Cob Glass Bathtub

This simple and sophisticated tub offers a relaxing infinity-pool like features that will add an extra layer of luxury to your bathroom, The beautiful tub is a unique piece among glamorous bathtubs that will leave anyone speechless after they lay their eyes on it.

15 – The Alvius Bath

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The Alvius Bathtub

Iconic, unique, and made famous by the enchanting Soho House Hotels, this bathtub is exclusive in every way. For those who aim to create a relaxing oasis in their home, this bathtub is a perfect choice as it is both luxurious and comforting.

This could very well be the year you build your dream luxury bathroom with these perfectly glamorous bathtubs, and with these choices, there is no way you can go wrong! Have you felt inspired by our choices? We certainly hope so!

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