15 Elegant Washbasins to Look Out for in 2021

January 7, 2021

Elegant Washbasisns are an essential item to achieve a Luxurious look for your exclusive bathroom. A beautiful washbasin will certainly catch the eye of whoever steps inside your private oasis, and even you will be able to appreciate a glamorous artistic design every single day. If you desire to have an exclusive item as your washbasin but do not know which one to choose, this is the list for you! Follow along as we list 15 Elegant Washbasins to inspire you in the year 2021.

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1 – The Koi Washbasin

Elegant Washbasins - Koi
The Koi Washbasin

Based on the Japanese Koi carp, this washbasin is composed of panels that are shaped like the scales of the fish, and its brass surface shines and reflects the sun that is caught in the clear crystal water that runs through the item. This is one of the most elegant washbasins you could possibly own.

2 – The Elm Washbasin By Kast

Elegant Washbasins - Elm
The Elm Washbasin

A contemporary spin on the bucket sink, this washbasin is both refined and beautiful, with a stripes pattern that wraps around its curves. This item would perfectly fit your luxurious bathroom and award it with great sophistication. This truly is one of the best and most elegant washbasins around.

3 – The Tortoise Washbasin

Elegant Washbasins - Tortoise
The Tortoise Washbasin

Inspired by the tortoise’s hard shell, this washbasin boasts a mix of black, grey, and golden colors that make it a unique item to own in your private oasis. Highly functional, this elegant washbasin includes a mirrored shelf, gold plated tubes, and a built-in drawer that makes it stand-out among the rest.

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4 – The Atticus Lavatory by E. Murio Manila

Elegant Washbasins -  Atticus
The Atticus Lavatory

Composed by Rattan and arurog, with sicca binding, this piece is truly unique and imaginative, evoking natural feels of harmony. Having this washbasin as your own would certainly turn your luxurious bathroom into an art-driven private oasis.

5 – The Petra Washbasin

Elegant Washbasins - Petra
The Petra Washbasin

The Petra washbasin boasts a dazzling unique melted marble look that is strongly inspired by the City of Petra, where the builings were directly carved in the stone cliffs. Its maximum luxury and certainly one of the most elegant washbasins you could ever possess.

6 – The Sampan Vanity Washbasin

Elegant Washbasins - Sampan
The Sampan Vanity

Boasting Crisp white finishings and resembling origami boats, this silhouetted item was inspired by the sampans that plied the Singapore River many decades ago. This simple (compared to other elegant washbasins) yet sophisticated washbasin would turn your bathroom into a fantastic luxury room.

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7 – The Symphony Washbasin

Elegant Washbasins -  Symphony
The Symphony Washbasin

This washbasin is inspired by the organ tubes that produce the most harmonious and epic sounds. The item features a cluster of polished brass tubes that envelopes an exotic wood structure. Its uniqueness makes it one of the most elegant washbasins around, and a perfect choice to have in a sophisticated bathroom.

8 – The Bateau Basin By William Holland

Elegant Washbasins - Bateau
The Bateau Basin

This wondrous basin is a miniature of William Holland’s renowned copper baths. Its elegance is on display, turning into a timeless and iconic washbasin that would turn any bathroom into a unique place where relaxation and art come together as one. Compared to other more classic elegant washbasins, this one stands out

9 – The Newton Washbasin

Elegant Washbasins -  Newton
The Newton Washbasin

A revolutionary statement piece, this law-defying item aims to bring you various elements that come together as one to create the most luxurious feel possible. One of the most elegant washbasins around, this basin where metal melts into spheres and semi-spheres shape will bring a refined feel to your private bathroom.

10 – The Narcis Rectangular by Bassines

Elegant Washbasins - Narcis
The Narcis Rectangular

Revisiting the old to create something new, this collection aims at a contemporary feel. The rectangular shape of this basin turns it into a sophisticated artful item to own, and it will definitely catch the eye of anyone who happens to come across it. Other elegant washbasins cannot compete.

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11 – The Crochet Washbasin

Elegant Washbasins - Crochet
The Crochet Washbasin

The Crochet Washbasin is inspired by the traditional Portuguese knitting technique but adapted into a modern design. Its lacquered wooden body represents the Portuguese culture and would certainly shine among the rest of your bathroom furniture, awarding the room with a luxurious and fantastical feel. This basin stands tall among other elegant washbasins.

12 – The Vasca Washbasin By Sasha R.

Elegant Washbasins - Vasca
The Vasca Washbasin

Using various materials like bronze, brass, nickel and silver, this designer creates unique pieces like the one pictured above, turning each one in expressive pieces that are hard to replicate. Its magnificence truly makes this one of the most elegant washbasins in the world.

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13 – The Metropolitan Washbasin

Elegant Washbasins - Metropolitan
The Metropolitan Washbasin

Inspired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this item is made to resemble the central structure of a mausoleum, blending urban aesthetics with classical, more sober lines. Owning this incredible piece means owning of the most beautiful and elegant washbasins in the entire world.

14 – The Vanity Table washbasin

Elegant Washbasins - Vanity
The Vanity Table

This simple piece with straight lines and a modern/ contemporary feel will award your bathroom with a fantastic item. Stylish and sophisticate by nature, this is one of the most elegant washbasins around.

15 – The IVA Washbasin By Kast

Elegant Washbasins - IVA
The IVA washbasin

Inspired by Art Deco, this curved concrete sink is a classical elemnt that will give your bathroom the elegance you crave. Suitible for wall or surfive mounting, this washbasin is available in 28 different colours and its refined features would dazzle all your guests.

Did you feel ispired by this article? We certainly hope so! Maybe 2021 is the year where your bathroom will become an elgant symbol of sophistication!

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