Nº20 Armchair

product description

Symbol of knowledge and rebirth, No 20 Armchair was raise through a long journey of a total set of 24 prototypes intended to reinterpret the forces of nature. No 20 distinguishes itself for its attitude represented in its fabric, a beautiful and standing out blue twill, and structure that embraces us with strength and determination, like Mother Nature. Imagine experience that in your own bathroom.

product features

Fabric: twill
Fabric Reference: BB DARIEN II - Colour 28
Fabric needed: 4 mts | 158” (Standard width 1,40mts | 55”)
Legs: Twill
Nails: Golden polished


Width/Length: 74 cm | 29,13"
Depth: 80 cm | 31,50"
Height: 91 cm | 35,83"

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